The 8 Best Golf Courses in the South of France

If you are a golfer that's looking for a bit more stable climate, then the south of France might just be your perfect golf destination. We went ahead and made a list for you with the 8 best golf courses in the south of France.
Michlifen Golf Resort. Ideal location for playing golf in Morcco

Hidden Gem golf in Morocco

At Leadingcourses.com we're big fans of Morocco. It has great culture, delicious food and a number of outstanding golf courses. What's not to like?! The good news is: there is a new - undiscovered - golf course that looks truly amazing: The Michlifen Golf & Country Club.


Best golf resorts in Europe in 2018

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Our biggest algorithm update in years

Continiously we monitor our review algorithm. Is everything still working correctly, are we (and you) still happy with it. From time to time we make minor tweaks to it, but this time, we felt the algorithm needed a big update and that’s why we’ve just launched our biggest algorithm update since 2012. What is the…

Leadingcourses teams up with Golfmanager, first club live

Due to the new connection with Golfmanager, Leadingcourses.com will be able to connect directly to the tee sheets of a lot more golf courses in Spain, Portugal and Italy. The benefit for golfers is clear. They will be able to book their tee time at even more courses throughout Europe at the best rates and…
Espiche Golf

Leadingcourses.com opens up Portuguese golf market

Leadingcourses.com is rapidly connecting to more and more tee-sheet providers throughout Europe. We are proud to announce that golf clubs using tee-time management software...

Option to translate reviews in new app release

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