With sun all year round, great culture & food and heaps of good golf courses, Spain is a must-visit destination for every golfer. However, it is a common belief that it’s very difficult to find good, but cheap Spanish golf courses. You may be familiar with the term “you get what you pay for” and think that cheap golf courses are not good enough for having a nice round of golf. But you wouldn’t say no to a nice golf course that is not expensive, would you?

To present you the best golf courses that are not so expensive, we have been searching for bookable courses in Spain with ratings around 8 or higher, and tee times under €50. Are you ready to discover these 10 cheap Spanish golf courses that we found?

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10 best cheap Spanish golf courses (with a green fee under €50)

This list was created on the 20th of October, 2020, and ratings will change over time. Please tell us your experience with these courses by sharing your experiences in a review. And please let us know if you know any golf courses that are similar to this list. We are eager to see your comments on this blogpost.

10Club de campo Sojuela (7.9)

The tricky first hole of Club de campo Sojuela. (Photo: Leadingcourses.com)

The Sojuela Golf Club is located in the Residential Complex Moncalvillo Green in the Sojuela municipality, 16 km from Logroño, La Rioja. The course, which is surrounded by a forest of oaks and pines, was designed by the legendary Severiano Ballesteros

A par-72, Club de campo Sojuela has a varied design and a privileged environment, where the game strategy can play an important role in order to get a good result.

The best price for a tee time at Sojuela is €45

9Valle Guadiana Links By Isla Canela (7.9)

Aerial view of Valle Guadiana Links By Isla Canela (Photo: Leadingcourses.com)

The old Costa Esuri golf course was purchased by Isla Canela S.A, which is the owner of the other golf course in the municipality of Ayamonte; Isla Canela Golf. The purchase was made in August 2019 and in November in the same year. Valle Guadiana Links by Isla Canela was inaugurated after a profound reform of the previous course and its facilities.

Visit the course again to discover the implemented improvements such as the Bermuda grass greens and the new club house.

The best price for a tee time at Valle Guadiana is € 45

8Golf Lerma (8.0)

Having a nice round of golf at Golf Lerma. (Photo: Leadingcourses.com)

Built in 1992 on an old hunting estate of 220 hectares called La Andaya, Lerma’s golf course combines in its 18 holes the great simplicity of the Castilian nature and the amusing complexity of the game of golf.. The course was founded in 1992 and designed by Pepe Gancedo.

Lerma Golf is a place with wide and luminous horizons, sober orography and powerful vegetation. It is easy to walk but quite a challenge to pick up your clubs when the wind decides to be invited to the game.

The best price for a tee time at Golf Lerma is €31

7Club De Golf Bellavista (8.0)

Great shadows at Club De Golf Bellavista (Photo: Leadingcourses.com)

Bellavista Golf Club, which was founded in 1976, is the oldest club in Andalusia with more than 100 years of history and yet it’s one of our cheap Spanish golf courses.

It’s situated an hour from the city of Seville and right next to the Atlantic Coast, the course offers sensational views, a perfect climate for playing golf all year round. Bellavista golf course is also a strategic location that is next to the most beautiful and most visited cities in Spain.

The fairways are wide and the distance between greens and tees is short, which makes for a comfortable, fast, and pleasant game. Along with spending a fantastic day playing golf, the location of the course also allows you to visit the beach and enjoy the local food and wine.

The best price for a tee time at Bellavista is €39

6La Finca Golf – La Finca Resort (8.1)

The very popular La Finca Golf. (Photo: Leadingcourses.com)

Founded in 2002, La Finca golf club is surrounded by the great beauty of nature with fantastic views. La Finca golf club’s facilities are open to those people who want to play golf in the heart of nature while being able to enjoy the beaches. Sailing clubs and a host of other facilities and services are just a few minutes away.

Several lakes with running water and reed beds along the course add beauty and difficulty to the game and have made the course the home of a wide variety of migratory waterbirds, such as ducks and egrets. Meanwhile, the interior of the La Finca golf course is also home to olive and palm trees, thus creating a beautiful backdrop of vegetation with a distinctly Mediterranean flavour in the Valencian Community.

The best price for a tee time at La Finca Golf is €47

5Panoramica Golf, Sports & Resort (8.2)

Panorámica Golf is a challenge for golfers of all levels. (Photo: Leadingcourses.com)

Panorámica golf course is situated in the region of Valencia and is the work of the legendary German player and designer, Bernard Langer. Panoramica Golf, Sports & Resort is an 18-hole course, surrounded by carob trees and ancient olive trees, and wonderfully maintained.

Panoramica Golf, Sports & Resort course presents a real challenge to the expert golfer and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity both for players with high handicaps and for beginners, who will also enjoy a really testing round of golf. The layout of the course means that its gentle slopes are not too tiring. It is a relatively comfortable and flat course in which you will have to use all of the clubs in your bag.

The best price for a tee time at Panoramica is €50

4El Campo De Logroño (8.2)

El Campo de Logroño is one of the best courses in the Rioja area. (Photo: Leadingcourses.com)

The Logroño golf course is situated in La Grajera Park, a natural area of 450 hectares, just 5 kilometres from the centre of the capital of the province of La Rioja. The features offered by the Logroño golf course probably make it one of the best in the north of Spain.

On the one hand, its careful design – the work of the company Global Golf – offers the golfer a concept of play which is both pleasant and challenging.
On the other hand, by locating on an extensive estate of 83 hectares, El Campo De Logroño allows players to enjoy a game of golf in peaceful and healthy surroundings. Which makes the golfers both relax and concentrate at the same time.

The best price for a tee time at Logroño is €48

3Isla Canela Old Course (8.2)

Isla Canela is situated very close to the Portuguese border. (Photo: Leadingcourses.com)

Founded in 1993, Isla Canela’s proximity to the sea and its lush vegetation make it a wonderful place for a great round of golf. It’s a very comfortable course with small slopes formed by the natural dunes and vegetation such as palms, olive, and eucalyptus. The lakes surrounding some of the holes are spectacular and are saltwater lakes as it comes straight in from the sea. Generally, Isla Canela Old Course is a must to visit for nature lovers.
The par-5 second, surrounded by water and deep bunkers, deserves a special mention for its beauty and level of difficulty.

The best price for a tee time at Isla Canela Old Course is €45

2Lo Romero Golf (8.3)

Lo Romero at sunset (Photo: Leadingcourses.com)

Lo Romero Golf club boasts possibly one of the most challenging holes on the Costa Blanca in the Valencian Community. The 18th hole of Lo Romero Golf course is a par 4 of 356m (from the yellow tees) played from an elevated tee that looks down onto the island green.

Why not visit Lo Romero golf club to enjoy a great round of golf? Lo Romero golf club offers an enjoyable par 72 golf course that runs through a natural landscape and measures just over six kilometres from the yellow tees. Enjoy the tranquillity of nature mixed with sport, where the only sound you will hear is the rustling sound produced by the Mediterranean pine branches and the sole company of the squirrels that habitat the trees in Lo Romero Golf club.

The best price for a tee time at Lo Romero is €50

1Izki Golf (8.4)

Izki Golf is the number 1 in our ranking of 10 cheap Spanish golf courses. Izki Golf is situated in the province of Álava, in Basque Country, which is very close to the famous La Rioja wine region. Izki golf complex will allow you to enjoy the game to the full while at the same time marvelling at the incomparable natural beauty of the woods and mountains.

Izki golf course was founded in 1994 and designed by the renowned Severiano Ballesteros, bringing innovation to golf architecture. The design of its spectacular holes and open fairways, surrounded by oaks, beech, and holly trees, make playing at Izki Golf club a unique experience.

The Izki Golf Club facilities also include bag storage with individual secure lockers that are perfect for manual or electric golf trolleys. You can also find a variety of golf equipment at competitive market prices in the small store in Izki Golf.

The best price for a tee time at Izki Golf is a mere €23

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