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Golf, without a doubt is in many ways the most wonderful sport in the world! We are quite biased in this regard, but we do have some pretty good reasons to back up our claim, trust us! As a golfer you can travel to anywhere in the world and find yourself a golf course. Whether you play on your own in the Spanish sun or with your best mates in the Scottish rain, the game provides an experience like no other. However, like anything else, there are problems you can run into when attempting to play your favourite course(s).

Booking or reserving a tee time has always been a bit of a struggle, especially when it comes to playing abroad. Whether you are planning a golf trip to your favourite destination or you’ve suddenly felt the desire for an afternoon round, confirming a spot can be tricky. The hassle of calling a foreign club often causes language problems and receiving a reply to an email can take a couple of days. Not to mention the issue of not being in the same time-zone or the club being closed for some random holiday that you weren’t aware of. Yes, the struggle can be real, we know.

But, there is some light at the end of the tee time tunnel. Below we’ve outlined the most common problems associated with booking a tee time. Stay tuned for the readily available (and simple) solutions.

1Problematic Phone Calls

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Where to start with these? Calling a club in a foreign country (or even at home) can provide even the simplest dilemas. Acquiring a phone number and country code may be be an obstacle for a first timer. Assuming you move past this however, you still have the mission of explaining your tee time details to a receptionist that doesn’t speak your language. That’s not to say that these receptionists aren’t helpful. But too often, numbers or names get lost in translation and you end up standing outside an empty clubhouse with your clubs on your back.

There is also the added disadvantage of having to ask about offers, deals, availability and recommendations for specific dates. Even hotels and amenities in the area. In the rare cases that you do succeed in getting all of this info, you will often be asked to pass along all of your credit card details to prevent a “no-show”. This is very unsafe and our only advice can be to never do this.

2Details & Documents

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Now you may be old fashioned and enjoy the feeling of having your reservation number on a piece of paper in your pocket. But when you’re doing this for four different clubs in the space of a week, things can get a bit mixed up. Booking over the phone or making reservations can often require several important documents – confirmation numbers, invoices, important payment details and even waivers. Printing off reservation numbers or barcodes to show at the club is becoming more and more outdated. It can also be quite risky and unnecessary.


Probably the one that most people are looking out for. It doesn’t take much explanation to know why booking your tee time at a lower price is a positive thing for the golfer (you). When it comes to paying for tee times, golf clubs will often charge the golfer an original or advertised price – known as the rack rate. Many golf clubs use different rates per season depending on the time of year. Tee times can be more expensive at the weekend or even at different times of the day. Clubs will also offer special early-bird or twilight rates. However, even at these times, the golf club will be charging you their rack rate. In other words, the most expensive rate.

Besides this, shopping around and trying to find the best price for you can take up quite a lot of time and effort. Not everything is the one place, so if you want the best quality for price, you’re going to have yo work for it.

If you would like to learn more about these rates click here

4What Else Is There??

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As touched on in the ‘Problematic Phone Calls’ section, when booking a course over the phone or indeed over the counter you don’t really know what other golf courses are in the area. There could well be a top of the range, state of the art, championship level golf course right down the road. But unless you have done your research, how could you know? … Okay, so it might not be THAT obvious, but you would have to conduct quite a bit of research to find all of the nice golf courses in the vicinity.

Then, find their availability, prices, requirements and if they’re actually up to your high standards. Unless you’re a well known regular in the area, that sounds like a whole lot of phone calls, emails and needless questioning. Even when you get all of this information, it’s probably from the golf clubs themselves, travel agents or maybe some very friendly locals.

Another issue may include not being aware of the tee times around your time (always nice to know if there is a four ball in front of you or a two ball behind you). Seeing customer reviews will help you to check on the credibility of golf clubs and hotels and ensure that you get the best services for your vacation or business trip.

If only there was a place where you could receive all of this information from a neutral source, in just a few seconds!

5Changes and Cancellations

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Finally, as avid travellers (and enthusiastic golfers) we know that things don’t always go to plan. You make your booking and then the trouble starts. Weather changes, cost of flights go up or somebody gets sick (hopefully not). These things are a part of life and you can do nothing about them. Things can get worse however when you try to change or cancel your tee time booking and they hit you with cancelation fees, unavailability or simply rejection. This process can be a bit of a struggle, particularly if you’re doing it by email or over the phone.

Additions can often be tedious as well. If you’ve got an extra friend making a last minute decision to join, things can get tricky and there’s always a high possibility of having to change times or even dates. Even adding a buggy or set of rental clubs to an existing flight means that you may end up paying quite a bit more than you expected – assuming they’re available.

Booking A Tee Time

So there you have it! We would like to be clear that this article is only highlighting the things that CAN go wrong or be a hassle during the booking process. Golf clubs in Europe and all over the world are known to be extremely friendly, helpful and will surely assist you in any way.

However, we have always been by golfers, for golfers, and we believe that golfers like yourself should be aware of these possible complications. Our intentions are to give you the best possible experience in your golfing whether that’s a trip for two or a group getaway.

Stay tuned for how to avoid these problems in a few simple steps!

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