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Leadingcourses.comAt Leadingcourses.com we are dedicated to making the game of golf a pleasure for every golfer. We also want to help golfers to find ‘hidden gems’ throughout the world. In order to make that we possible, we have gathered data of 25,000 golf clubs world wide and ask our ever growing community to share their opinion and experiences with other golfers. So if you want to play somewhere, make sure to check out Leadingcourses.com!

Leadingcourses.com is for every golfer

Whether you are a high handicapper or a scratch player, we’ve got you covered. With our smart filters you can always find the course that suits you best. Reviews can also be filtered by the way. Only want to see reviews written by low handicappers? No problem. Rather read the reviews of our biggest contributors or golfers at your own level? It’s all good.

We also value cultural differences, so the website is available in 9 languages. That means more than 4.000.000 golfers – or 96% of all European golfers – can visit Leadingcourses.com in their mother tongue. On a monthly basis more than 375,000 golfers consult the more than 380,000 reviews to help them decide where to play next.

Golfers’ Choice Ranking

Every year we make a Golfers’ Choice ranking per country. The Golfers’ Choice Ranking stands out from other rankings, because it is entirely based on the opinion of those who matter most: actual golfers like you! Based on that ranking golf clubs can call themselves ‘recommended’ (7.5 and higher) or ‘outstanding’ (8.5 and higher). Only clubs that have received enough reviews qualify for our rankings and our seal of approval.

If you have questions, just drop us an e-mail via the contact form!

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