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Please note: this is an update on our research of 2016

Golf clubs who have a paid Extranet plan know that this brings them an increased visibility on our site. This is especially true for clients who have an Interaction and Destination plan. And more visibility eventually leads to more bookings and requests from golfers. A good profile – good photos, positive reviews, good responses, quick replies – will help a great deal to convince golfers to visit your club or resort.

Aside from our paid Extranet plans, we can also boost your visibility in other ways. We have different options available, but in this whitepaper we will focus on only one. This hopefully will help you to understand how this option works and help you to decide if this option is something for your golf club to try as well! The following promotional options are available:

  • homepage take-over (in all languages)
  • social media channels
  • blog post
  • newsletters

Not everyone is aware of these options and what they can actually do for your golf club or resort. So, below we will try to provide you with some more information and statistics. In this whitepaper we are going into more detail concerning the homepage take-over.

The homepage take-over

For a golf club with a rating of 8.0 and higher it is possible to claim our homepage (in all 9 languages) for one week. It’s a non-intrusive and informative way to promote your golf club. The attention is high – as it cannot be missed – and golfers will not perceive it as a promotion.

Homepage spotlight example

A homepage take-over can be claimed by any golf club with a 8.0 and higher. In some cases we might also accept a 7.8 or a 7.9, but we will not go lower than that. Our homepage must be considered to be informative and our homepage must remain a great way to discover great new courses and hidden gems. We do require at least 2-3 high-res images for a homepage take-over. The quality of the photo is very important and can really make a difference.

The price for a homepage take-over is €500 per week for Free and Essential Extranet clients. If you are an Interaction or Destination Extranet client, the price is reduced to €325 or €250 per week.

What’s included?

At this point in time a homepage take-over is shown across all our language sites (so all 9 languages: Dutch, French, German, English, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian).

Golf clubs that are featured on our homepage are also promoted on our social channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). On Facebook this generally generates a reach from 1500 – 5000 people. And on Instagram this will lead to 150 – 300 likes. This is the effect generated by us and our followers. If a golf club is really active on social media and shares our messages, then the figures provided can easily increase by a 100% or more.

Facebook stats of homepage spotlight

The brutal facts and figures

To provide you with honest and fair statistics of a homepage take-over we have researched 60 cases of featured clubs on our homepage in the period March 2016 till April 2017. Some clubs were already pretty popular on our site, like Real Club de Golf El Prat (Spain). Others, like Bà Nà Hills Golf Club (Vietnam) received little to no traffic at all. In all cases, except Kuşadasi International Golf (Turkey) , the overall effect on the number of views was positive. On average, views for a homepage takeover club increased by a whopping 170%, this in contrast with the 152% of our research in 2016.

Graph 1: average views vs. views when on the homepage

Homepage spotlight results
Green are the normal views, orange are the views when on the homepage

The orange bar in graph 1 indicates the average number of views a club received in the last 12 months. The green bar indicates the amount of views in the month the club was on our homepage. Every golf club was on our homepage for one week (from Monday – Sunday), only Modry Las was there for two weeks in a row.

The effect was highest for Augusta National Golf Club (+ 812%), but that effect was not only due to the homepage takeover. Search traffic on Augusta National Golf Club was definitely higher during that week as they were hosting The Masters.

In some cases, the effect lasted and the club received significantly more views after being on our homepage. But, this effect could not be statistically proved.

Graph 2: The Dutch views taken from our Partner Extranet

The most impressive result was from The Dutch (the Netherlands), they were on our homepage in September 2016 for one week. This resulted in an increase from 1.152 views on average to 4.389 views in the month they were on our homepage. This effect did not last in the months following the homepage take-over. Probably this was due to the cold winter weather in the following months and because The Dutch hosted the KLM Open in that specific month. This always has a positive effect on the number of visits and views.

Graph 3: St. Francis Links views taken from our Partner Extranet

In September 2016 St. Francis Links (South Africa) was one week visible on our homepage. On average, they received 87 views per month. In the month they were featured on our homepage, this increased to 142. The months thereafter also showed a clearly visible increase in views.

Graph 4: Club de Golf La Reserva – Sotogrande views taken from our Partner Extranet

In April 2017 Club de Golf La Reserva – Sotogrande (Spain) was also one week visible on our homepage. This resulted in a significant increase (+ 199%) from 251 views on average to 500 views in the month they were on our homepage. The effect did clearly last the following months.


To sum it up (over the last 60 spotlights), one can say that – being on our homepage for only one week – has a significant effect in that month. In some cases (24 in total), the effect was still there in the months following the homepage take-over. On average, golf clubs see an increase of 170%. This is based on the 60 clubs we examined. In 11 cases the effect was more than 300% and in only 4 cases the effect was less than 10%.

If you are also interested in attracting more attention and increasing your exposure on, then perhaps you should consider a homepage take-over. Just contact us and we will arrange the rest! The only thing we need is a great photo of the course.


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