Empty golf courses due to coronavirus
Empty golf courses due to coronavirus

Throughout Europe governments are now taking action to contain the Coronavirus COVID 19. The golf world also has to deal with the coronavirus. In the last months, weeks and days many golfers have booked their tee time online via Leadingcourses.com. In many cases – depending on the golf club – golfers could opt for a cancellation fee (5 euro) or not while booking. People with a cancellation fee can cancel their booking without any cost (if in time, which generally is 48 hours before playing).

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Helping everyone the best we can

Right now we have decided to help anyone who has booked via Leadingcourses.com the best we can. You can imagine that our customer support team has been and still is very busy because of the coronavirus right now. So if you have booked a tee time via us (meaning you paid online), then please follow the following guidelines:

  • if you have opted for the cancellation fee, then you should be able to cancel the tee time yourself. Please surf to your Tee Times overview on Leadingcourses.com
  • if you can’t cancel (too late or you did not opt for the cancellation fee), then please do not call us or use the chat. Just send your cancel request to info@leadingcourses.com
  • please use the subject line: booking cancellation + (your) booking reference + date of play; this will help us to identify which ones are most urgent

We will handle them in a case by case manner depending on the date of play and type of club in question. In most cases we will have to contact the club to see if they are willing to help.

Finding the best solution

We will always try to find the best solution. But, we can’t always refund your money. This can be due to club policy. Below the solutions are mentioned:

  • First of all, if you have paid the cancellation fee and you are within the indicated cancellation period (which generally is 48 hours before the play date), we will refund you the money. This can take some time, depending on your payment method and bank.
  • If you do not have a cancellation fee or are too late, we will ask the club if they can still refund you.
  • If we can’t refund you, we will try to obtain a voucher for you which you can use another time. Or we will reschedule on a later date.
  • If the above is not possible, then we strongly advice you to contact your travel insurance company

More information about cancelling because of the Coronavirus

If you need more information about cancelling a tee time, please visit our information page about cancelling your booking.

SITUATION UPDATES: Golf courses are all closed in Spain, Italy and France. Other countries will probably soon follow. Portugal is still open.

Please check our Facebook page or Twitter feed for the latest information. More and more golf courses are closing down their operation due to government measures.

Our advice

We know you want to play golf, but during these times that is going to be difficult. As long as golf clubs do not actively close (their tee sheets), you might still be able to book a tee time through Leadingcourses.com. Our advice however is to not book any tee times with a play date within 3 months time. If you do book a tee time for that period, please understand that it is at your own risk. We feel that health and safety is more important than playing golf.

We also added a note to our booking flow to inform people about this extreme situation. We hope people understand that from the 16th of March 2020 and onward booking a tee time for the next 3 months is at your own risk.

Notification to inform golfers that booking now will probably result in a cancellation (and perhaps no refund)

We hope the information provided is sufficient. This is an extreme situation and we are doing the best we can. It’s not something anyone could anticipate and we ask for your patience.

Stay safe and stay healthy!


Jeroen Korving
Managing Director

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