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The reach that Leadingcourses.com has is spreading rapidly throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Both golfers and golf club managers have recognized the benefits that the platform has to offer. As a golf manager or employee, your Leadingcourses club profile may be viewed by thousands of golfers each year. Therefore, it is extremely important that your profile displays the correct information and imagery.

Updating your club profile has always been easy with your Club Dashboard. Now it is even easier with the Club Dashboard to-do list. No more searching for what needs to be updated. Simply check off all of the items on the list to improve your profile.

To do list – Club Dashboard

This to-do list appears on top of your screen every time you log in to your Club Dashboard. The to-do list is not only handy for golf club managers that are new to the platform, but also for managers that have been long time Leadingcourses users. For example, if you have not responded to your reviews lately, the to-do list will remind you to do this. This feature will help you keep your profile up-to-date at all time. To further specify what is listed in the to-do list a thorough explanation of each feature is outlined below.

✔ Upload photos to your profile

We all know that phrase ‘a photo is worth a thousand words’. Well it’s true. Photos and videos may be the first impression a golfer has of your golf club. With imagery, you can influence the emotions of the golfer. We recommend using professional photos to get the golfer excited about playing at your golf course.

In the Club Dashboard you can upload both photos and videos, categorize them and most importantly, select a profile photo/video and a background photo. The photos chosen will have a huge impact on the look and feel of the profile.

✔ Update your contact information

Correct contact information is, without a doubt, very important. Missing out on inquiries and leads is the last thing anyone wants, so make sure that your contact information is correctly displayed on Leadingcourses.com.

✔ Fill in your club details

‘Attention to detail is of utmost importance when you want to look good.’  Writing a piece of unique information about your golf club is another great way of attracting golfers to come play at your venue. However, also be sure that other details – such as your green fee rates and number of holes – are also correctly displayed on your profil and keep them updated whenever changes take place! Golfers will be disappointed when their expectations are not met.

✔ Indicate which amenities you offer

Clearly showing what facilities you do – or do not – offer, is fundamental when it comes to golfers making their decision where to play golf. Golfers who have reached a respectable age or have a medical condition might be uncomfortable walking your course – and therefore need a golf cart. How unfortunate would it be that they decide to play elsewhere because your information was not up-to-date!

✔ Add a tagline or slogan

Adding a really powerful tagline or slogan to your golf club’s profile is important because it will reflect what makes you special. In short, communicate your unique selling point. Updating a tagline goes hand in hand with choosing your main profile photo; both will be shown on our regional pages and distinguishes your club from your direct competitor.

Tip: a slogan or tagline on Leadingcourses might include a bit of humor; something that might persuade a visitor to click on your profile!

✔ Create a text advertisement

This feature shows your visitor predominantly what kind of deal you have up to date. However, it might also show updates on your course or any type of development regarding your golf club. This block will show relatively large on your profile page and could, for instance, say: “Play the whole month October for half the price”.

Tip: as the heading of your add shows in our regional pages it might be smart to make the title extra resonating so golfers click through to your page!

✔ Respond to your latest reviews

By interacting with reviewers you show them that their opinion is valued and appreciated. Therefore it is meaningful that you respond to every review that was written – both positive and negative ones! ‘Your most unhappy customer is your greatest source of learning.’ Not only is this quote very valid, your responses are also read by other visitors and allow you to subtly market other services you provide at your golf club.

✔ Promote your accommodation

If your golf club owns a resort and has a destination account on our platform, make sure that you actively promote your accommodation as well. And again, ‘a photo is worth a thousand words’, so be sure to upload qualitative professional photos of your accommodation as well!

Please bear in mind that this to-do list is just a couple of basic activities in order to improve your clubs online image on our platform. Leadingcourses for golf managers offers many more features and functionalities. If you would like to know more about other features, feel free to sign up for a demo of the Club Dashboard. We’re happy to help!

To get started right away follow this link: https://partner.leadingcourses.com/en/


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