Golf clubs using E-Golf4U now have the opportunity to open up their tee sheets to the rapidly growing community of, tapping into more than 400.000 potential new customers each month.

Great news for golf clubs using E-Golf4U – primarily located in The Netherlands – and great news for golfers, as they will be able to book their tee time online in The Netherlands as well.

New era in Dutch golf industry

We are very proud that the first clubs using E-Golf4U are now bookable. This really is a milestone, as these clubs are the first clubs in Dutch history to be bookable online, meaning that clubs can be reserved and paid real-time online.

In The Netherlands, golf clubs are not as dependent on golf tourism as clubs in southern Europe, like Spain and Portugal. So, convincing clubs to work with Leadingcourses was quite a challenge.

Jeroen Korving, COO of Leadingcourses and responsible for the growth of the number of bookable golf clubs on the platform: “As Covid-19 has limited travel, it forced us to move our attention to domestic markets much sooner than anticipated. Many golf clubs in The Netherlands do allow green fee players, but their main income is derived from club members. So, it can be quite challenging for them to balance the number of green fee players. Moreover, they are not used paying a commission for ‘green fee players’, something which is common practice in southern Europe. As we have good and long-lasting relationships with many courses, we were able to convince quite a few of them to join us on our quest.”

Golfbaan Westwoud was the first Dutch club that opened up their tee sheet for Leadingcourses.

The first Dutch club that Leadingcourses signed was Golfbaan Westwoud (Westfriese). Other early adaptors were Golfpark De Haenen, Golfclub de Lage Mors en Golfclub Dirkshorn.. We really love it when golf clubs break out of their traditional way of thinking and open up to companies like Leadingcourses.

Being prepared for after covid-19

We all know that golf courses in The Netherlands – and in other countries with large number of golfers – are very crowded right now. Covid-19 has brought the golf industry something golf federations and golf courses couldn’t do: bringing new players to the game of golf and motivating ones that stopped to return while increasing overall golf participation.

More people are becoming a member again – as clubs are limiting or not allowing green fee players – in favour of their own members, which is understandable. But, many of these new members were forced to become a member and often were attracted by short-term membership options (winter membership or end-of-year memberships). The question is, are they going to stay when covid-19 disappears?

Signing up to right now, will ensure that a golf club at any given moment can tap into our large community of local – and mainly international – golfers. There is no downside, only an upside. Being prepared and planning ahead is always good.

E-Golf4U important player in Dutch market

E-Golf4U was founded in 2005, as a result of the need of Golf & Country club Crossmoor to have access to a fully digital and web-based solution for automating their golf club. At that time, this was not possible with the existing packages. The E-Golf4U system was built with this in mind. In the following years, E-Golf4U has grown into a mature golf club software system that can be used to run the entire golf course.

Leadingcourses and E-Golf4U have been partners for many years. Golfers could already ‘reserve’ a tee-time (without actually paying) at E-Golf4U clubs. As Leadingcourses will soon launch a completely new site and has revamped its entire architecture, this was a good moment to redevelop the entire connection and include payments as well.

Nico Zwaneveld, founder of E-Golf4U: “E-Golf4U is very happy with the link to the new Leading Courses platform en architecture. We are always looking to provide added value for our golf courses. And, Leading Courses really offers that value. They provide great possibilities to promote your golf course in- and outside the Netherlands and with perhaps a most wanted feature, which is the direct payment when booking a tee time.

Leadingcourses leading the way in tee time bookings in Europe

Leadingcourses is front-runner when it comes to provide honest user reviews while also facilitating real-time tee time bookings,. Our state-of-the-art booking engine retrieves the actual live availability of a golf course and connects that to the appropriate rates (week/weekend, high/low season and special offers). Currently Leadingcourses is connected to many tee sheet providers in Europe, like Chronogolf, iMastergolf, Golfmanager, Albatros, Concept and Zest. Next on the integration list is Netgolf (France).


  1. Good morning,
    I enjoy your website!
    As soon as I found a property to live in the Netherlands around Delft, I am going to play golf regularly, because before I was a writer for a German Golf Magazine Mental articles and Golfcourses in Europe.
    Best regards
    Renate Rauh

    • Hi Renate, great to hear from you and it’s good to hear that you enjoy using! We hope you find a place to live soon so you will be able to enjoy those beautiful Dutch golf courses! Let us know if we can ever help you. Here is a convenient list of courses near Delft to start with:


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