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Over 350,000 golfers visit each month. Based on their rankings, Monte Rei Golf & Country Club – with an average rating of 9,18 – has been voted Best Golf Club in Portugal in 2018 in the Golfers’ Choice Rankings. The rankings for best golf club are compiled based on numerous aspects influencing the quality of the golf club, such as the golf course itself, the overall impression of the club, maintenance, facilities such as practice facilities, clubhouse and the perceived value for money.

Monte Rei tops rankings for 5th year in a row

Monte Rei has a stunning 18-hole par-72 golf course, located between the Serra do Caldeirão mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. The beautiful landscaping has been designed by the one and only Jack Nicklaus, who has designed both the North and South Course. Golfing at Monte Rei courses is breathtaking and is an experience to remember forever. has been and continues to be our most active and valuable feedback platform. One of the reasons we value it so much at Monte Rei is because of the diversity of the membership that has, which allows us to gather feedback from all corners of Europe and beyond. To win the 2018 Golfers’ Choice Awards for Best Golf Club in Portugal is an honor, as this is validation that we are providing a great experience to our customers. We will continue on our quest to improve all aspects of our facility in 2019 using the customer feedback that provides‘ – Darren Griffiths, Director of Golf Monte Rei Golf & Country Club.

Runner-up in the Golfers’ Choice Ranking of Best Golf Clubs Portugal 2018 is West Cliffs. This club, who opened her doors only in June 2017, overtakes Royal Obidos Spa & Golf Resort. Clube Golf Oceânico Faldo Course is still on a third place in the rankings. In 4th place comes Royal Obidos Spa & Golf Resort and the top-5 of Best Golf Clubs in Portugal is completed by the Victoria Golf Course – Dom Pedro Golf.

Top-40 Golf Clubs in Portugal 2018

Monte Rei Golf & Country Club also has the best golf course

When golfers only rate the course itself – so without looking at other elements, such as the appreciation for the clubhouse and practice facilities – golfers again choose Monte Rei Golf & Country Club as their number 1. The North Course of Monte Rei receives a rating of 9,26. The new number two is the WestCliffs Golf Course from West Cliffs. The number three in the rankings is Clube Golf Oceânico Faldo Course.

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Estela Golf Club has the Best Price-Quality

A rating of a golf club or golf course is closely related to the price of the paid green fee. Where do you get real value for money? This is shown in the ‘Price-Quality’ ranking. This ranking is based solely on the rating of golfers for the price-quality ratio of a golf club.

If you are price conscious golfer, then Estela Golf Club is an excellent choice. It’s a true links course, located in a magnificent area with a climate cooled by the breeze from the Atlantic in summer and warmed by the Golf stream in winter. With a reasonable green fee price of €75,- on weekdays, golfers love to go there! West Cliffs comes in second place and Espiche Golf is third in the ranking of Best Price-Quality in Portugal.

Top-25 Best Price-Quality Portugal 2018

Monte Rei is Most Hospitable Golf Club Portugal 2018

Not only the quality of the golf course, but also the service level and customer satisfaction are important for the experience of the golfer. When it comes to hospitality, Monte Rei Golf & Country Club does a terrific job. They score a 9,3. Runner-up is Royal Obidos Spa & Golf Resort with and Espiche Golf completes the top-3.

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