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Over 350,000 golfers visit each month. Based on their rankings, The National Golf Club – with an average rating of 8,6 – has been voted Best Golf Club Overall in Belgium in 2018 in the Golfers’ Choice Rankings. The rankings for best golf club are compiled based on numerous aspects influencing the quality of the golf club, such as the golf course itself, the overall impression of the club, maintenance, facilities such as practice facilities, clubhouse and the perceived value for money.

New number 1: The National Golf Club Best Golf Club Overall

In 2014, the Golfer’s Choice Awards have been introduced in Belgium. Since then, Golf & Country Club Limburg has won the title of Best Golf Club in Belgium for three years in a row. In 2017 Golf Club d’Hulencourt took over this number one position, and for 2018, Golf Club The National tops the rankings! A great achievement for a club that has opened less than a year ago.

The National is located on the ground of the former hippodrome of Sterrebeek. The site has undergone a major reallocation and while it’s impossible to capture the entire design of The National in a single snapshot, rest assured that it is all about the experience. Architect Bruno Steensels design is simultaneously extroverted with major differences in heights, while also being introverted thanks to the subtly intimate stretches.

The National Golf Brussels intends to turn golfing events into an all-in experience. The Driving Range with its two levels and 60 practice mats sets the tone, plus the additional 25 tees on the practice green as well as the 300 meter driving length. The putting greens, the chipping areas and the 6-hole course complete the picture.

Golf Club Manager Thierry Peeters reacted on the 1st place for The National: ‘From the very beginning of the plans for our Championship Course we had the ambition – together with our golf architect Bruno Steensels – to make The National Golf Brussels the top club of Belgium within a reasonable period of time. Every day we work with our entire team to offer both our members and our visitors a fantastic experience. Of course we are very honoured to be elected number 1 after less than one year after our opening! We will do everything we can to maintain this title for many years and we are always ready to give all golfers the opportunity to discover our fantastic and challenging course.’

Changes in the top-3

For the second year in row Golf Château de la Tournette is the runner-up for the Best Golf Club ranking. In 2016 they were on the fourth place but they are moving higher and higher up the rankings. With a rating of  8,5, the 45-hole club which is located near Brussels is well-respected club in Belgium. Also, both la Tournette Championship courses are in the top-10 of Best Golf Courses of Belgium. Golf Club d’Hulencourt completes the top-3. They moved a bit down from a number one position but are still a wonderful club with their ‘Le Vallon’ Championship course, designed by French architect Jean-Manuel Rossi.

Top-40 Golf Clubs Overall in Belgium 2017

The National’s “Executive Course” Best Golf Course in Belgium 2018

When golfers only rate the course itself – so without looking at other elements, such as the appreciation for the clubhouse and practice facilities – golfers choose “the Executive Course”, the championship course of The National as their favourite. With a rating of 8,8, golfers are unanimous that this is Belgium’s finest course.

Number two in the rankings is the “American Course” of Golf Château de la Tournette, Their rating of 8,7 is quite a close call with the Executive Course of The National. In third place is Royal Waterloo Golf Club with their “La Marache” Championship course.

Top-40 Golf Courses Belgium 2018

New sub-rankings

For the first time since the introduction of the Golfers’ Choice Rankings there are rankings for Best Facilities and Best Maintenance. With a score of an 8,9 for their terrific facilities it is Golf Club The National that picks up its third prize. When it comes to Best Maintenance it’s Golf Club d’Hulencourt that is the clear winner with a 9,0.

Top-25 Best Facilities
Top-25 Best Maintenance

More sub-rankings

When it comes to golf clubs with only nine holes, the title goes to Brasschaat Open Golf & Country Club. In the Best Price-Quality ranking it is Golf & Hôtel de Falnuée that claims the title for the 3rd time in five years. For the third year in a row, Golfforum Lummen is rated Most Hospitable Golf Club in Belgium! This friendly 9-hole course near the race track of Zolder scores an excellent 8,6.

Top-10 Best 9-hole golf clubs
Top-25 Price-Quality Belgium 2018
Top-25 Most Hospitable Golf Club Belgium 2018

Golfers’ Choice rankings, most up to date and transparent

Every year numerous rankings circulate, announcing the best golf courses in a specific country. The Golfers’ Choice rankings stand out because they are based on reviews written by actual golfers. These reviews can be consulted online at any time. This makes these rankings the most up-to-date, transparent and independent in the golf industry. When a golf club has gathered sufficient reviews they are eligible to qualify for the Golfers’ Choice Rankings. To make sure that ratings stay relevant, reviews are devalued over time. In 2018, rankings have been published in 12 countries.

High reliability

At the end of 2017 more than 350,000 reviews about golf courses (in nine different languages) were available on All reviews on are verified and manually approved by a dedicated content team. Golfers who review multiple golf clubs receive a higher status and his or her review will therefore have more weight (and thus more impact) in the overall score of a club. To avoid any manipulation of the rating, various checks and balances are in place to track and signal questionable conduct by users.

About’s aim is to help golfers to play on the best golf courses available, based on their handicap, demands and location. For instance, golfers can quickly see how other players with a similar handicap value a certain club or course. Obviously they can also view the overall rating, based on all opinions. The site was founded in 2007 and has an active golf community. At the end of 2017 it had over 350,000 reviews, more than 20,800 golf clubs and 24,800 golf courses were mapped in more than 130 countries. As values cultural differences, the site is available in nine different languages.


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