Argentario Golf Resort & Spa. (Photo: Jacob Sjoman)

Maremma is a golf destination that fully represents a glimpse of what Italy has on offer as a country. Beautiful golf courses, surprising surroundings and a combination of flavours to be discovered. We chose Argentario Golf Resort & Spa as a good base for a golf tour.

I know Tuscany… I lived there, a long time ago. I have traveled there many times for work and leisure, driving far and wide the ways of Chianti, Val d’Orcia, Versilia and the Apuan Alps, to mention just some of the wonders that you can find in this region.

But Maremma is the region in Tuscany that sets my heart on fire. The soul simply opens in this ancient land, moved by endless chains of hills that slowly descend towards the coasts of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The inhabitants of this land are hospitable, their connection with nature, history and the beauty of ancient traditions gives visitors a unique experience and a very welcome feeling. Also unique and unforgettable are the many interpretations of cooking and drinking.

And, Maremma has an advantage compared to its surroundings: it manages to please even the most demanding golf tourist. It is therefore an even more unique region, and by some might be referred to as “the perfect golf destination”, with a host of high-quality accommodations and sports facilities.

Argentario Golf Resort & Spa

With that in my mind I embarked on my trip to Argentario Golf Resort & Spa, where I arrived after driving from Northern Italy (Pisa and Rome airports are also suggested airports to reach Maremma).

The welcome was great. From the baggage service to the car parking in the covered car park, from the accompaniment to the room, to the patient description of all the sports and entertainment possibilities on offer, the staff is courteous and prepared.

The main reception area at Argentario Golf Resort & Spa.

Hats off to the design of the main building, which respects the natural slopes of the land. All rooms are located on a lower level than the entrance as it has been built to have little impact on the surrounding area. My room belonged to the Travel Club category, a level placed between the major and junior suites; entering it was a plunge into a generous space, finely furnished and fully equipped, even with the opportunity to try local products such as wine, jams and small appetizers, chocolate and the ever-present cantucci (typical Tuscan biscuits). Sublime for the palate!

In the restaurant Dama Dama I was served a delicious dinner prepared with organic local ingredients. The service of the staff, which was both professional and pleasant, was great. They proved to know both the food on offer and the wine list. Thumbs up for the restaurant!

Going to the course

The next morning, on my private balcony, I was greeted by the new day with a beautiful view of the wooded Monte Argentario.

The reception in the pro shop was excellent, and I really enjoyed the fact of finding my golf clubs ready on site for the beginning of the round. Argentario has an 18-hole par 71 of 6,200 meters (6,780 yards). The golf course is located in a protected natural area and combines both links-like holes, thanks to the presence of dunes and Mediterranean vegetation with a view of the Orbetello lagoon (holes 2 and 3, for example), and of parkland holes, bordered by woods and dotted with tall trees (Hole 11 to 15).

The holes 11, 16 and 17 are home to a rich plantation of olive trees, while the 18th hole, which – as the 9th – ends near the hotel, is made difficult by numerous bunkers, a narrow right dogleg through a forest and a canal that runs along the right side of the second part.
In short, an eventful ending!

The slopes on the terrain are only challenging at the beginning of the round. After that, the golf is practiced on gentle slopes, and with the mid-season temperatures you do not feel the fatigue of walking. The Argentario golf course is fun and makes the stay even more enjoyable.

Nature wins

I consider it important to highlight the bio-compatible AgriCert certification. Argentario has completely eliminated the use of chemicals for the maintenance of the course. This can be important for players who favor the environmental and wildlife aspect. It’s not easy to maintain a course like that, so I really appreciate the effort of the greenkeepers in maintaining the course in the most difficult moments, typically a dry summer like this year.

Thanks to the many signs dotted along the course, I know now that Argentario is inhabited by many wild animal species. This is the confirmation of the victory of nature over the invasion of humans. Respect for that!

Wellness & Surroundings

The sports area and wellness center are the two elements that make this resort unique. Tennis, soccer, golf, jogging, hiking, bird watching and the new padel fields are the outdoor activities, while Espace is the wellness center of Argentario Resort & Spa.

Argentario has also opened a stylish new Club House right in time for the 2019 golf season. The cutting-edge design of the Club House reflects the dramatic architecture of the nearby resort hotel that is characterized by its magnificent, light-filled atrium reception, its sleek, modern communal spaces and the super-chic furnishings in its rooms, suites and apartments. The impressive entrance to the Club House, for example, has been created by the installation of a striking decked walkway and gazebo created using natural materials.

Two small towns near Argentario Resort may complete your Maremma experience. Porto Ercole is a historic village rich in culture, and Porto Santo Stefano is a dynamic town and anchoring point of ferries, fishing boats and large vessels. Driving up and down the back roads reveal a glimpse of rare scenic beauty. It is not difficult to understand why these places are often the destination of a prosperous tourism to health and beauty research.

Porto Ercole


I would certainly recommend Argentario Golf Resort & Spa as a place to stay for a golfing holiday and it’s also conveniently located to reach other golf clubs in the area. In less than an hour’s drive it’s possible to play at other good courses like Punta Ala, Saturnia and Gavorrano (Pelagone), while remaining in Maremma.

The proximity of a number of great restaurants is also useful to complete your day of leisure and relaxation with a feast for the taste buds with the intense flavours of Maremma.

Some travel details, helpful for you to plan your trip starting from Argentario Resort:

For more information, you can also visit the Argentario Resort website.


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