For most golf courses the day is over after the sun sets. After all, no sunlight means no golf. But for some courses business continues as usual – as the course is getting fully lit by floodlights. A pretty cool experience –  and we’re about to give you a guide on how and where to play night golf.

What is night golf?

Night golf is basically playing your round at night time while the course is being lit by floodlights. Night golf courses can usually be found in areas where the temperature is still pleasant enough to play when the sun sets, for example in Portugal or the Middle East. Golf courses that are lit are usually par-3 courses (for example the par-3 Academy course at Yas Links, United Arab Emirates). Nevertheless championship courses (for example the back nine at the European Tour venue The Montgomerie Maxx Royal in Turkey) can also have floodlights.

Is it different than ‘normal’ golf?

Some say that your shots are better visible when playing at night in comparison to playing to daylight. Even though this depends hugely on the quality of the floodlights, it’s best to keep in mind that you can’t hit your shot 100 yards off-line and expect to find it somewhere in the rough. The floodlights are bright, yes, but they only light up the fairway and just a small part of the rough. So are you currently suffering a big slice? Just keep your driver in the bag and play it safe while playing golf at night.

Night Golf at Al Hamra Golf Club
Night Golf at Al Hamra Golf Club

This also brings is to our next advice: don’t expect too much when playing night golf. Chances are you won’t play your best golf because you’re just not used to it. So try to make the game setup more friendly: play some nice side bets with your friends or play with two balls when you’re playing alone. And most of all: enjoy it. Because let’s be honest, playing golf at night is just really cool.

Interested in a round of night golf? We’ve made a list below of all the courses where you can play. Have you been lucky enough to spend a day at one of the venues below? Let us know how it was by reviewing it. Are you missing any golf courses to play in the dark? Please let us know in the comments below and we will add them to the list!

Golf ClubGolf CourseNo. of holes playable by nightCountryAverage rating
Emirates Golf Club DubaiFaldo Championship Course18United Arab Emirates8.8
Yas Links Abu DhabiPar-3 Academy Course9United Arab Emirates8.7
Abu Dhabi Golf ClubGarden Course9United Arab Emirates8.7
Al Mouj GolfAcademy Course Par 39Oman8.7
Sân Golf Tân Sơn NhấtSân Golf Tân Sơn Nhất Course18Vietnam8.6*
The Montgomerie Maxx RoyalMontgomerie Maxx Royal Golf Courseback 9Turkey8.6
Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht ClubPar-3 Course9United Arab Emirates8.5
Ayla Golf ClubGolf Academy Par-39Jordan8.4*
Al Ain Equestrian Shooting and Golf ClubAESGC Academy Course9United Arab Emirates8.4*
Bà Nà Hills Golf ClubBà Nà Hills Golf Course18Vietnam8.3*
Carya Golf ClubChampionship Course18Turkey8.3
Golfbaan het WooldGezandebaan (par 3)9The Netherlands8.3
Golf de Bouznika BayBouznika Bay9Morocco8.1*
The Address Montgomerie DubaiPar-3 Academy Course9United Arab Emirates8.1
Laem Chabang International Country ClubLake, Mountain and Valley Course27Thailand8.1
Oceânico O'Connor Jnr CoursePar-3 Oceânico Academy9Portugal8.0
Club De Golf La Dama De NocheunknownunknownSpain7.7*
The Track Meydan Golf ClubThe Track9United Arab Emirates7.3*
Al Hamra Golf ClubAl Hamra Championship Course9 ( 1 -7 and 17-18)United Arab Emirates7.1*
Golfclub AmstelborghAmstelborgh Par-39The Netherlands6.9
Summit Windmill Golf ClubSummit Windmill Golf Course9Thailand6.8
Rachakram Golf ClubRachakram Golf Course18Thailand6.5
Pinehurst Golf & Country ClubSouth, West and North Course27Thailand5.8
Secret Valley Golf ClubSecret Valley Golf Courselast 3Cyprus8.0

*club has an inactive rating. This means that the club received did not receive enough reviews for us to give a reliable rating. Did you play a course with an inactive rating? You would help us out a lot if you could leave a review.

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