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Although many of you have just returned from your holiday, our app team has been cracking on to improve the Leadingcourses app. This update is not downloaded on the fly and will not be installed asynchronous in the background. You really have to update the app via the app store (iOS and Google Play).

We are very excited about this latest update, as it will really enable us to move forward. Up till now the app missed a crucial element and that was the ability to request tee-times and to get in contact with the golf club via our systems. It took some time, but we are proud to say that we managed to get this all in this new update. It’s really the stepping stone towards online bookings, which we hope to launch later this year.

The latest update (version 2.4) has the following new things:

  • you can now send 4 type of messages to golf clubs (contact form, tee-time request, a group reservation or a membership enquiry) directly via the app. We are very happy with this important step as this now ties in with the processes that our website already uses, like:
    • all these messages are monitored by our system and reminders to the golf club are sent automatically
    • all tee-time requests are stored for golf club managers in their own dashboard
    • all responses are sent to your Leadingcourses account and stored there as well.
  • some issues with Android app were solved (i.e. back-button closed the app, share icon was wrong)
  • issue with people not being able to upload images has been solved (now a message is shown so that you can give access to your camera roll)
  • and some minor bug fixes

We hope you like the new update! Adding the 4 message types was necessary to enable real-time booking of your tee-time anywhere soon.

Quick impression of this 5th update

Below a quick visual impression of some of the key features that were mentioned above!

1. Send 4 type of messages (notice new orange button in the middle)

The orange button in the middle (‘send message’) triggers the new messaging screen. Depending on which messages the golf club wants to receive, these are displayed. Then a specific screen is shown depending on which type of message you have selected (in this case a tee-time request). In the case you are making a tee-time request, a very nice feature is the fact that you can immediately see which loops or which course has the highest rating.

2. Better information when uploading photos

When installing the app a few questions are asked, like if you want to share your location and if you want to allow access to the camera roll. Not everyone understands why we are asking these questions, so many people pressed ‘no’ (although we try to explain why we need this permission). If people pressed ‘no’ and wanted to upload images, the app did not make it possible for them to access their cameral roll. This was only possible via the settings in your phone. We now show a clear message asking for that permission again.

What to expect in the next release?

We hope you like this new update! In the next update – which we will launch after the summer – we will at least update the following things. We are still discussing which elements to add still:

  • a totally new club page design
  • design improvements for iPhone X
  • improved profile ranking
  • some inevitable bug fixing based on our error log

So stay tuned! Below the links to download the app directly via the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Note: our app is also available for tablets

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you have the latest version, so version 2.4. Check for the correct version, by going to your profile and then click on settings.


    • Beste Pieter,

      De app is beschikbaar in negen talen. De app gebruikt automatisch de taal van uw toestel. Dus als het besturingssysteem van uw apparaat in het Nederlands is, zal onze app ook in het Nederlands zijn.


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