Golfmanager and have cooperated closely to offer a better customer experience for golfers and clubs. With this partnership both companies give golfers more options to book tee times at courses throughout Europe at the best rates and at the most convenient time slots.

Lo Romero Golf first in line to open up tee times

Lo Romero Golf – the golf club with the most online tee time reservations in previous years in Spain – is one of the first clubs that joined Golfmanager. teamed up with Lo Romero and Golfmanager and golfers can now also conveniently book directly their rounds on Leadingcourses. Monthly over 375K visitors surf to to (re)search, review and now also book their tee times. We are very proud of the partnership with Golfmanager and Lo Romero and we are looking forward to welcoming more clubs. That way we can offer a more convenient customer experience when booking their round(s) of golf. 

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More interesting golf clubs to follow

We expect to connect to more interesting golf clubs in the next weeks, like Ryder Cup 2022 venue Marco Simone Golf & Country Club in Italy. They will be one of the first golf clubs in Italy to become bookable online, which is great news for golfers. With a few clicks, you will be able to secure your tee time at the best possible rate via We are also talking to other clients of Golfmanager so we are able to connect to a wider range of golf clubs in Spain and Portugal.

Changing the golf industry

Golfmanager – although only active for less than a year – has been growing exponentially and is on a mission to revamp the golf industry, just like CEO of Golfmanager Rafael Vera says: “Behind the scenes we have been developing our software for several years. It’s built according to the latest standards. It’s an open platform and apps are developed continuously by us and external companies. This provides golf courses with unlimited possibilities at a fairly low cost. We do not take commissions on tee times, we just focus on offering the best software “.

Jeroen Korving, Managing Partner of “It’s great to see that new players like Golfmanager are entering the market and shaking up the industry. Their open infrastructure in my opinion is the right one. Focus on what you do best and partner with companies that can help you. A new competitor is a great motivation for all players to improve their product and service, which in the end will benefit the golfer. It’s going to be a very exciting time for golfers! Finally they will be able to book their tee time at any course online just like a hotel or restaurant.

It’s Leadingcourses’ mission to help golfers find the golf course that suits them best and to enable them to book their tee time at that golf course online at the best possible rate and at their desired time slot. A golfer should be in control of when they play. Early in the morning at an early bird rate, at the end of the day for a twilight rate or during the day at the best possible rate.

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