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We just launched a new version of our Leadingcourses app – version 2.5 – which has an improved design for the golf club page. More focus has been given to the profile photo and the number of photos uploaded by the club and other golfers. And, as the iPhone X is gaining more and more traction, we decided to also improve the user-friendliness of the app for that specific phone.

This latest update has the following new features:

  • profile photo is larger and better visible (new header design)
  • number of photos is provided on the profile photo
  • it is now possible to click-through to photos via profile photo
  • photos uploaded by golfers not limited to 5 anymore
  • improved user experience for iPhone X users

Quick impression of the version 2.5 update

Below a visual impression is given of some of the key features that were mentioned above!

1. Improved club profile with large profile photo

New profile page
Old profile page








2. Direct access to photo gallery via profile photo

All photos direct accessible via profile photos

3. More photos visible via Leadingcourses app

Photos via individual review
Gallery by clicking on photo thumbnails









Stay tuned for the next update! Download the app directly via the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Note: our app is also available for tablets!

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you have the latest version, so version 2.5. Check for the correct version, by going to your profile and then click on settings.


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