You might have noticed that – on the brink of the new year – we launched a new update for the Leadingcourses app. The most useful new feature of this app release – version 2.7 – is the fact that you can now translate a review via Google Translate directly in the app. As our app (and our website) supports 9 languages, more and more reviews are being added in languages that many people don’t really understand. In the app users can now easily translate each review to grasp an idea of what is being said.

The latest update (2.7) has the following new features:

  • Reviews can be translated to the language of your app (default)
  • The photo gallery of a club is rotatable for more viewing pleasure
  • When swiping down on a region or club screen, the name of that specific region or club will stay visible in the top of the screen
  • The ranking of a club is visible on the club screen
  • Bugfixes

Quick impression of the version 2.7 update

Below a visual impression is given of some of the key features that were mentioned above!

1. Translate reviews on-the-fly

Swedish review not translated
Review translated to English

2. Quick overview of position of a club in a country and region

3. Photos can now be rotated in the gallery

Photo not rotated
Photo rotated for a better impression




Stay tuned for the next update! Download the app directly via the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Note: our app is also available for tablets!

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you have the latest version, so version 2.7. Check for the correct version, by going to your profile and then click on settings.


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