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Over 350,000 golfers visit each month. Based on their rankings, PalmGolf Marrakech-Ourika, with an average rating of 9,01, has been voted Best Golf Club in Morocco 2018 in the Golfers’ Choice Rankings. The rankings for best golf club are compiled based on numerous aspects influencing the quality of the golf club, such as the golf course itself, the overall impression of the club, maintenance, facilities such as practice facilities, clubhouse and the perceived value for money.

PalmGolf Marrakech-Ourika wins Golfers’ Choice Award in Morocco

PalmGolf Marrakech-Ourika is located in the south of Marrakech on the road to Ourika. It’s based in a quiet and relaxed setting, planted with olive trees and palm trees. This makes PalmGolf Marrakech-Ourika a must to play in the PalmGolf Morocco collection. It has been designed in a desert style -including huge bunkers- by the Canadian duo Neil Haworth and Stéphane Talbot. They made the course of the PalmGolf Marrakech-Ourika over 6692 meters long, creating a beautiful par 72 to play. A unique aspect of this course is that it’s the only ‘buggy only’ course in Morocco. Their buggies are provided with a modern GPS-system and give advice on which club to use at which position.

What visitors say about PalmGolf Marrakech-Ourika: “I think this might be the best one in Morocco. I completely loved it!”, “Very varied, exciting, long holes in an absolute top condition”, and “Perfect service!”.

It’s a real satisfaction for the whole team of PalmGolf Ourika to receive this prize‘, said Golfmanager Nicolas Claverie. ‘Every day we work to bring the best service possible to our clients in order to offer them a unique golfing experience at the bottom of the Atlas. We are going to capitalize on this reward to continue our efforts. The PalmGolf Ourika is a golf club that differs in Marrakesh and we would like to make it a name internationally. We are going to work hard this summer to better the quality of the course and create unique concepts at the beginning of next season. We are welcoming Leadingcourses’ golfers to play on our course! Thank you for your gratitude.

The number number 2 in the rankings is again Assoufid Golf Club. Assoufid Golf Club’s design vision was to create a desert-style course, integrated into the unique existing landscape while maximizing the scenic views of the Atlas Mountains to the south. Users rate Assoufid with an 8,68. Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort is the new third in the rankings.

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Every year numerous rankings circulate, announcing the best golf courses in a specific country. The Golfers’ Choice rankings stand out because they are based on reviews written by actual golfers. These reviews can be consulted online at any time. This makes these rankings the most up-to-date, transparent and independent in the golf industry. When a golf club has gathered sufficient reviews they are eligible to qualify for the Golfers’ Choice Rankings. To make sure that ratings stay relevant, reviews are devalued over time. In 2018, rankings have been published in 12 countries.

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