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One of the most frustrating things on a golf course is an unrepaired pitchmark. You know, that little dent your ball leaves when it hits the green. Unfortunately a lot of people still do not repair their own pitchmarks. With the pitchmark repair tools of our partner Pitchfix, unrepaired pitchmarks are history! 

Merriam Webster’s definition of a pitchmark is as follows: “an indentation on a putting green caused when a usually long, high approach shot lands on the green.” A pitchmark is frustrating both for green keepers – their work looks less good – and golfers – the course looks less nice, and pitchmarks might influence the result of your putt. If you think of the amount of pitchmarks made per day on a golf course (image below), it’s not hard to understand why having a pitchmark repair tool in your golf bag is obligatory at most courses.

What would happen if nobody would repair their pitchmark?

Pitchfix lends a hand

There are many tools to use for repairing a pitchmark, but in our honest opinion none of them are as good as the pitchmark repair tools our partner Pitchfix® makes. Founded in 2005, Pitchfix – a Dutch company – is the market leader for switchblade divot tools and other golf green related products in Europe and Asia and is renowned for its high standards in design and product quality.

Pitchfix currently offers an array of diverse and innovative products for golfers worldwide like the Fusion 2.5 Divot Tool; the Original 2.0; the Hybrid 2.0; the XL 3.0 Divot Tool and more.

Fusion 2.5

In 2017, Pitchfix’ latest product – the Fusion 2.5 was named “Best Divot Repair Tool” by Golf Digest in their Editors’ Choice Awards for the second straight year.

Continuing with Pitchfix’s innovative engineering, the Fusion 2.5 unites the award-winning Twister patented 3-pronged metal retractable system in a compact switchblade design.

As the Twister did previously, the Fusion line makes ball mark repairs easier for golfers and continues to help reduce pitch mark repair damage to greens. Pitchfix’s patented technology featuring a pronged metal retractable system out performs all other divot repair tools and is now available in a switchblade model!

According to Pitchfix, when ball marks are repaired with traditional pitch forks very often the root structure is torn which creates an air pocket under the mark and a compacted piece of soil at the surface, making it difficult for the grass to regenerate and heal.

Pitchfix’s patented technology allows Fusion 2.5 to work as effectively as the Twister in a switchblade design, says the company: the golfer simply pushes it in and out of the affected area, restoring the ground and relieving compaction simultaneously.  This quick and simple procedure, according to Pitchfix, results in better repairs that recover quickly, making it virtually impossible to do damage with the tool.

Brand Ambassador

Pitchfix has Chip Beck – a 4 time winner on the PGA Tour, a three-time U.S. Ryder Cup Team member and only the second player in PGA Tour history to shoot a 59 as a Brand Ambassador. Beck says he loves the Fusion 2.5 repair tool for its design and the speed with which you can repair pitchmarks. He explaines a bit more about the Fusion 2.5 in the video below.

Our 5 top tips for repairing a pitchmark

So now that we know how important repairing a pitchmark is and what the best tool to do it with is, all you need is some tips on how to repair your own pitchmarks and the ones that have been unrepaired by others. These are our 5 top tips:

  1. Always carry a Pitchfix (or any other pitchmark repair tool) in your pocket so you have it close and can repair the green when you get there.
  2. Watch the video below to see how you repair a pitchmark the right way. Doing it the wrong way might do more harm than not repairing at all!
  3. Make sure you know the rules regarding repairing the green. Repairing a pitchmark is just fine, but you can’t repair a spike mark when it’s on your line to the hole.
  4. Dont stop at your own pitchmark but repair one or two others as well!
  5. Pay it forward! Tell others to repair their pitchmarks and those of others. Together we can make a difference!


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