New Leadingcourses app

With the launch of our second app update we are closing in on the final launch of our app. We expect to do one more update before we will officially launch our app (hopefully around The Masters). The app seems to behave pretty stable, the bugs are limited and the functionality has improved significantly since the first release.

Based on all your feedback we have just released an exciting new app update (version 2.0), mainly focused on improving the first screen (homepage) of the Leadingcourses app.

  • Update 2 of Leadingcourses app
    New: homepage spotlight golf club and top 3 of country you are in

    home screen with spotlight golf club (changes weekly), mainly meant to inspire

  • top 3 golf clubs of the country you are in shown on the home screen
  • option to edit and upload your own profile picture, making reviews more personal
  • some profile settings improvements
  • bug fixes (i.e. play date can be empty)
  • performance improvements (such as maps)
  • some minor design improvements

We really believe that this update will make you smile! And there is even more to come. As the feedback keeps coming in – and because we want to keep improving our app – we are already working on the next update which will be launched within 1-2 weeks from now.

Based on the feedback we received, we will add the following features:

  • you will be able to select favourite golf clubs (so, keep track of your bucket list or plan a golf break)
  • you will be able view your favourites in your profile (wish list)
  • handy button on the club page (+ icon) allowing you to quickly add photos and post a review
  • send messages directly from the app to golf clubs (clubs will receive a reminder if they do not respond which happens quite often)
  • new opening page (new photo)
  • Norwegian app now also works correctly
  • other minor bug fixes

So stay tuned! Below the links to download the app directly via the Apple App Store or Google Play.

download via app storedownload in Google Play store

Note: our app is also available for tablets


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