Did you know that our so called Map feature allows you to easily keep track of all courses you’ve played over time?

By sharing your golfing experiences and writing reviews on Leadingcourses.com you do not only help fellow golfers all over the world finding the best golf courses, you also ‘build’ your own personal online golf journal. Automatically! The only thing you have to do is reviewing a golf course, we’ll do the rest for you.

We also keep all your reviews listed, arranged on last played courses, your top rated courses, uploaded golf pictures and your ‘favorite’ courses that are still on your personal bucket list. You can easily share your online journal with your friends to inspire them by easily sending them the URL of your profile, or by inviting them to also join Leadingcourses.com and become Golf buddies.

Below you’ll find an illustrated map of our member, Erlend. He is the only European golfer who has managed to play at all Top 100 golf courses in the world!

You’ll find your personal map by selecting the tab ‘Map’ on your profile page after logging in.

Check your personal journal, including world map now by visiting your profile at Leadingcourses.com. Start expanding your world today!

map of golf courses


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