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At we are not easily satisfied and that is also the reason why we have launched our new app ‘under the radar’. We have only communicated the launch of our new app to find golf courses amongst our loyal members. This gives us the opportunity to test the app, find bugs, improve the app with the feedback of our members.

After a few weeks we felt we generated enough feedback to build the first update of our app. Obviously we also have a huge list of features of our own that we would like to add, but we like to take it slow. We also have to be careful not just to rebuild what we have already as our site is fully responsive. Our app should offer or provide something extra.

Upload photo
New: option to upload a photo directly via the app

We are very proud to announce the following features in this current release:

  • possibility to add photos on the page of a golf club
  • possibility to complete your review with a photo or photos
  • clear error message if there is no internet connection
  • small design improvements
  • multiple bug fixes

As the feedback keeps coming in – and because we want to keep improving our app – we are already working on the next update which will be launched within 1-2 weeks from now.

Based on the feedback we received, we decided to add the following features:

  • update of profile page (add links to update profile items)
  • add/edit profile picture
  • improved map performance
  • quicker loading/better performance
  • bugfixes
  • improve the homepage of the app
    • add spotlight golf course
    • add top 3 courses in the country you are in (based on your location)

We strive to put a new update live every month. So stay tuned! Below the links to download the app directly via the Apple App Store or Google Play.

download via app storedownload in Google Play store


Note: our app is also available for tablets.



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