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As a golf course photographer I’m fortunate to travel all around the globe. On my travels I experience many crazy, mind-blowing and beautiful things. In “The Sjöman Diaries” I will take you on a trip to see the world through my lens and also show some behind-the-scenes. I hope you will enjoy it! 

Jacob Sjoman

June 2019

Four months ago I flew out to a remote island to document a piece of a property. I was told to not share anything from this visit so I’ve kept silent about this special project ever since. Even to my wife.. Up until today!

Now when I finally can share this, it still feels like I’ve been on to the same level of excitement since my trip went to Saint Lucia. This project went far beyond my expectations.

Cabot Saint Lucia is the perfect spot for a golf course

An aerial image of the future Cabot Saint Lucia golf course.
One of the best sites I’ve ever seen for a golf course.
(C) Jacob Sjoman / Cabot Saint Lucia

The fairytale that once started with Cabot Links in Nova Scotia back in 2011 and followed by their second course, Cabot Cliffs that opened up in 2016, will now welcome Cabot Saint Lucia into the family. The course will be designed by Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw, the same duo that designed Cabot Cliffs.

Some people will probably try to compare Cabot Saint Lucia to Cabot Cliffs and just adding the fact it will be played in warmer temperatures. However, I feel there is a lot more to it than that, on several levels.

If you compare this piece of land to the ones where the most beautiful golf courses are located, this site goes toe to toe with all these brilliant locations.
And that’s very rare.

Views are on point. Photographer Jacob Sjöman / Cabot Saint Lucia (C)

100% bucket list-course

I felt as excited like a kid at Christmas from the moment I first arrived to this location. It just has that special aura to it. This is the kind of location that will give you goosebumps just by being there. The fact that this property is so huge is also an important factor that will make this project stand out even more. Because for a golf course / golf resort that’s crucial in my opinion. I’ve seen so many examples of breathtaking and beautiful golf courses that weren’t built on enough piece of land.

Another key factor here is that you’ve got so many great viewpoints that can be seen from a ground level perspective all over the property. It almost reminded me of Castle Stuart Golf Links in Scotland. Just as the landscape looks at Castle Stuart, with the slopes of the hills that run down against the sea/coastline, it does here at Cabot Saint Lucia. This will offer views of the Atlantic Sea and it can also be experienced while you’re out on the golf course.

Normally, I wouldn’t be so silly to write something like “this will be the next bucket list-course in the world……” But…in this special case.. here we go: I believe this will be a 100% bucket list-golf course! I have no doubts in Ben Cowan Dewar’s (co-founder of Cabot Links) work and when you’ve also got a great man like Mike Keiser (owner of Bandon Dunes) involved in the project plus some other key players in the business, I can’t possibly see how this would turn out anything less than a success. If I had the money, I wouldn’t doubt a second to buy a house here. To me this was the pure definition of how a Caribbean paradise would look like. Just imagine knowing that you can enjoy a Coore/Crenshaw-designed golf course just outside your doorstep with views to kill for.. And if you get tired, enjoy one of the beautiful beaches and go for a swim. I don’t believe it could get much better than that.

An aerial image of the future Cabot Saint Lucia golf course.
Please note: the beautiful beach in front of the green site. (C) Photographer Jacob Sjöman.
Sunrise at the future course. Photographer Jacob Sjöman / Cabot Saint Lucia (C)
Sunset at Cabot Saint Lucia. Photographer Jacob Sjöman (C) / Cabot Saint Lucia

I will leave you with these photos until my next update. Feel free to comment here below or ask me questions.

I hope to see you in Cabot Saint Lucia 2021. If you would like more info please visit http://www.cabotsaintlucia.com (where you also can watch some of my videos from this site).

Behind the scenes. Early morning with the driver Terry. (C) Jacob Sjöman / Cabot Saint Luca
One of the cool spots on the property. (C) Jacob Sjöman / Cabot Saint Lucia
A daunting teeshot at Cabot Saint Lucia.
A Par 3, hitting your shot over a white sand beach (C) Jacob Sjöman / Cabot Saint Lucia.
The bay at Cabot Saint Lucia.
(C) Jacob Sjöman / Cabot Saint Lucia

All photos in this post are copyrighted. (C) Jacob Sjöman / Cabot Saint Lucia.


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