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As a golf course photographer I’m fortunate to travel all around the globe. On my travels I experience many crazy, mind-blowing and beautiful things. In “The Sjöman Diaries” I will take you on a trip to see the world through my lens and also show some behind-the-scenes. This time, Ile aux Cerfs golf club in Mauritius. 

Jacob SjomanA couple of weeks ago I got the opportunity to visit Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club located in Mauritius. This is an island and a golf course I’ve heard so much stories from and since I’ve been to Mauritius 3 times previously and unfortunately never had the opportunity to visit Ile aux Cerfs – I was very, very excited to discover this in person.

So it was with a lot of excitement I packed my bags and went off to Mauritius. From my home in Sweden, at that moment buried in a layer of snow, this was a long trip. But since you usually fly in during the night and arrive to Mauritius just before the sunrise next day it works out pretty well.

The beach at Ile aux Cerfs. (C) Jacob Sjöman. jacob@sjomanart.com

It all went smooth arriving to Mauritius airport and a taxi brought me safely to up the northeast coast to Long Beach Resort where I stayed for the rest of my assignment. Even though this was an assignment and work for me, you can easily dream away when just looking at that turquoise sea, walk on the sand and feel the soft breeze in your face. After pinching myself in the arm a couple of times a while walking on that long beach near the hotel I realised this wasn’t a dream, this is real! However, time to do what I’m here for – capture photos and videos of Ile aux Cerfs. So I quickly packed my cameras, tripods and drone in order to visit Ile aux Cerfs. It sure felt like a new adventure and don’t we all get a bit excited when we are going to new places and get the opportunity to experience a new golf course? At least I do.

The jetty you will be arriving to at Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club. (C)

Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club

The cool thing with going to Ile aux Cerfs is that you first arrive to a jetty where a boat then will take you out on a 5 minute short ride to another jetty where you enter this iconc island. I almost got a ’Jurassic Park’-feeling over the whole experience (but of course without the Dinosaurs…just the beauty!).

I hope some of the photos in this post will give you a glimpse of what the experience can be like here. As always, you will need to experience this in person to get the full picture. What caught my attention was that special anticipation I felt during the short boatride that builded up the whole experience just before arriving to this island. I found it to be something very unique and a memory I will remember for the rest of my life.

The whole island itself has got wonderful beaches, crystal clear sea and a golf course which reminds me of how the garden of eden would look like. Flowers, birds and beautiful vistas all over.

Bernhard Langer design

Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club is designed by professional golfer Bernhard Langer. This german is almost a living legend by now and I remember as a little kid seeing him play golf on tv and winning on the tour and this was like 25 years ago. The funny thing is that I STILL see Bernhard today on tv playing golf! A few weeks back he once again competed toe to toe with the very best players in the world in US Masters at Augusta. 61 years young!

That’s just incredible.

Anyhow, Bernhard has designed a pretty tight course here and you need to know it’s a native area, The playfield can be a bit narrow on some of the holes, some like it, some don’t. If you are trying to hit long drives at your maximum swing speed this is probably not the best place to do it. My suggestion would to be play safe and play smart. Keep your ball in play.

I played the course later between some of my photo-/video sessions and I have to confess that I had to go in and buy some new golfballs in the proshop before entering the backnine. I only started out with 3 balls but I was playing with the 3rd and final one on hole number 9. Luckily it went a lot better during the backnine and luckily scored 2 over par (but still going well above 80 strokes because of the terrible first nine).

After this I switched focus and prepared for the afternoon session filled with timelapse-videos, drone shots and some photo sessions with people playing out on the course. The photo sessions turned out great and it’s hard to fail while visiting a unique place like this, some places are more beautiful than others.

Behind the scenes, standing on the green of 11th at Ile aux Cerfs.

Mauritius is a golf destination

My assignment at Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club lasted for 6 days and the days went by very quick. Luckily, the weather conditions were almost perfect for the entire week so that resulted going back home to Sweden with a lot of photos and videos to edit. The hardest part of all this was to select photos, because there were so many good ones to choose from. And that’s not always the case when you are out on assignments, sometimes you catch bad weather conditions and then you really need to work hard in order to get a full delivery for your client. As a producer of content I always try to ‘over deliver’ to my clients because I see this as an important part of my trademark and giving all I’ve got in each assignment. I can only hope clients pay attention to that.

Ile aux Cerfs – the island. And just across the bay you’ve got Anahita GC (C) Jacob Sjöman.

My picture of Mauritius is it is a very strong golf destination today with a lot of high quality courses located all over the island, just across the bay from Ile aux Cerfs you’ve got Anahita Golf Club for example. You’ve also got other great courses like renowned Heritage, the beautiful Paradis GC and there’s a new course up in the north part called Mont Choisy, you’ve also got Avalon and we shall not forget about the 2 courses at Belle Mare Plage (The Legend & The Links). I strongly believe more and more golfers will start to see Mauritius as a great golf destination. It really deserves much more attention than it gets.

If you like paradise beaches, nice weather conditions and love to play golf surrounded of beautiful vistas this is the place to go.

(C) Jacob Sjöman. jacob@sjomanart.com

Wishing you all a great week and thank you for reading this post. Please feel free to write a comment down here below.


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