New Leadingcourses app

We are proud to announce yet another update for the Leadingcourses app. Before the summer holiday starts we will launch one other update and then we will wait for the holiday season to come to an end before adding more features like booking and paying your tee-time directly via the app.

Based on all your feedback this third update (version 2.3.0) has the following things added:

  • you can now select favourite golf clubs (keep track of your bucket list or plan a golf break)
  • you can view your favourites in your profile (wish list)
  • handy button (+ icon) on club page allowing you to quickly add photos and post a review
  • send messages directly from the app to golf clubs (clubs receive a reminder if they do not respond)
  • direct overview of all available golf courses per golf club with the individual rating per course (stack navigation)
  • last visited golf club in search results
  • possibility to share a golf club or selections of golf clubs with others (share button)
  • new opening page (new photo)
  • adding some things to comply with the new GDPR legislation
  • bug fixes (i.e. Norwegian app works again)

Now that the holiday season is starting and if you love golf, then this is the perfect time to download our Leadingcourses app! Find all the courses nearby, navigate quickly to the golf club and add your photos and review in a second! It’s that easy!

Quick impression of this update

Below a quick impression of some of the key features mentioned above!

1. Wish list and adding favorites








Adding a golf club to your favourites list is easy. Just search for the club, go to their club page in the app and click on the ‘heart’ symbol top right in the screen. Once the heart symbol is orange, the club will appear in your wish list which is accesible via your profile.

PS: adding a club to your wish list in the app will also add the club to your wish list on the site. So, all your actions are synchronised!

2. Overview of all available golf courses per club








Often a golf club has multiple courses or loops. We understand that golfers want to know quickly which course they should play. First it was quite difficult to see that, but we have now added the available courses directly to the club page with the rating of each course. So, in the case of Royal Portrush you would probably choose to play the Dunluce Links Course which is rated highest with a 9.1.

3. Sharing a golf club or selection of golf clubs








We know that golf is a sport that you do with friends or family. So, we made it easy to share things with them. Next to the ‘heart’ symbol you can see an arrow coming out of a box. By clicking on that icon, you are able to share or save that item or selection. You can share it via all available apps on your phone, like Whatsapp, Messages, Dropbox or any other suitable app. Also if you have invested time in making some selection (by using filters) – like the most right screen of the Dublin area – then you can also share that selection (with all the filters) to someone. Isn’t that great?

What to expect in the next release?

We hope you like this new update! In the next update we will add the following features:

  • you will be able to view all your reviews in your profile (history)
  • you will be able to see who made the photos (in the gallery)
  • send 4 type of messages to golf clubs (contact form, reservation, group reservation or membership enquiry)
  • some technical things that we have to change, but will not help you guys 😉
  • some minor bug fixes

So stay tuned! Below the links to download the app directly via the Apple App Store or Google Play.

download via app storedownload in Google Play store

Note: our app is also available for tablets


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