Tee-time requests

We are very happy to announce that we have improved the process how golfers can request a tee-time via our platform. Golfers now also have to confirm after a golf club managers or reservation manager has approved a tee-time.

Why we can’t always connect directly and real-time

At Leadingcourses.com we strive to connect all golf clubs automatically to our booking system and to retrieve real-time availability directly from the tee-sheet of a golf club. However, as we have approximately 25.000 golf courses on our site we can’t connect to them all. Also, there are quite some reasons why we can’t or won’t connect to a specific golf club. Examples of such reasons are:

  • a golf club might not work with tee-times, but with a ball spiral (first come, first serve principle)
  • a golf club might use their own home-built system which makes it difficult for us to connect to their software (no ‘connectors’, also known as API’s or webservices)
  • a golf club receives very few requests, so has no reason to use tee time software
  • a golf club just does not want to open up their system to third parties like Leadingcourses.com
  • a golf club does use tee time software, but traffic and the number of requests is too low to connect directly

How tee-time requests worked

For golf clubs where we do not have a booking option, we provide a standardized tee-time request form (which is sent in the language of the golf club). This form contains all information needed for a golf club manager or reservation desk to make a good offer; it contains for example the number of players, the preferred tee-time slot, the preferred golf course (if mulitple courses are available), the date and a free text input field if people require a buggy or rental sets.

The process till now has been pretty straightforward:

  1. A golfer sends a tee-time request form to the golf club (this must be a working e-mail address, this is checked by us regularly);
  2. The golf club can respond to this request (by accepting and providing a price and tee-time or by giving an alternative/decline);
  3. If there was no response from the golf club (which too often is the case) automatic reminders are sent to other people within the golf club with a Partner Extranet account.

In the past very often a golf club thought that when he accepted a tee-time, the tee-time was actually confirmed. But, in some cases that is not the case. A golfer might send out multiple requests for a certain day and will only accept one. This led to confusion and sometimes also frustration, both on the side of the golfer and golf club. For both the main problem was: is the tee-time actually confirmed or not?

How the tee-time requests has changed

To solve the problem raised above, we decided to add an additional step to the tee-time request procedure. From now on we also ask the golfer to confirm that he/she indeed accepts the offered tee-time and price. Only then will the status of a tee-time be changed from pending to confirmed/accepted.

Teetime requests
Teetime requests – status per request

We hope that this change will improve the overall satisfaction and booking experience for both the golfer and golf club manager.

The next step

The next step will be to also provide the option for online payment. Too often we see golf clubs asking for credit card numbers via e-mail, which is very unsafe and actually something which should not be necessary. Clubs in the near future will be able to select the option so that golfers can pay online. A subsidiary of Leadingcourses will handle all these payments and distribute the money to the golf clubs.

If you are interested in this next step, just contact your account manager or Leadingcourses directly via the contact form.


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