A few weeks ago, we wrote a blog about West Cliffs, a new golf course in Portugal that was set to open in June. The expectations were high: Cynthia Dye, niece of legendary golf designer Pete Dye was the designer and the scenery was promised stunning: the Atlantic is visible from every hole. Francisco Cadete, director of golf at West Cliffs, adds a little extra: “Featuring one of the most spectacular golfing locations in Europe, the course is going to be tremendous fun to play and I can’t wait to see golfers’ reactions when they get here and see what we have created.”

First reviews posted already

Now that the course is open, two reviews already have been posted about West Cliffs. And they differ on quite some aspects. User Golfer197 rated this course on June 19 with a 6,6. A few days later user supertap rated the course with a 9,5. A pretty big difference if you ask us.

Golfer197“Although this golf course was only open 1 week when I played, my expectations were high. I was disappointed initially when I was told my online booking on the courses website only covered the cost of green fee.”

– a part of the review of Golfer197

supertap“What a fantastic golf course with beautiful views alongside the ocean. Enjoy the surroundings! Sensational club house.”

-a part of the review of supertap

Now, can we conclude, based on just two reviews, that West Cliffs has a rating of 8,8? Not really, right? That is the reason why we have:

  • an active rating (which is bright orange):
  • and an inactive rating (which is grey):

Every golf club that has just a few reviews receives the inactive status. They are not taken into account in our Golfers’ Choice rankings and other rankings. Basically this is us saying:

“We’re very sorry, but please take this rating with a grain of salt. The rating can still fluctuate quite a bit, so don’t base your decision only on this rating.

Credible ratings

A rating becomes active only if we have received sufficient reviews. This depends largely on the number of reviews and the status of these reviewers (our members). A member that has written a lot of reviews, has a much higher impact than a member that has just written the first review. And all these different ‘weights’ combined lead to a number of points. As we are doing this for more than 10 years in a row, we pretty well know when ratings generally do not change a lot any more. Hence, at that point the rating tends to be quite credible and then the rating becomes active.

So, these first two reviews of West Cliffs are a great example of why we have inactive and active ratings. We need quite a lot of reviews from different golfers, before we are confident enough to say anything about the rating of the golf club and its golf courses.

So, we would need quite some more reviews of West Cliffs before we can determine what their rating should be. So, if you plan to go here – share your reviews with us! We’d love to know if this course is actually closer to a 7.0 or a 9.0! That makes all the difference!

West Cliffs on Leadingcourses.com


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