Oudenaarde GC
Oudenaarde GC

Here at Leadingcourses we’re all about the golfer. Back in the day (2007 to be exact) we seen the need for a service that provides information on the best golf courses to play all around the world. We weren’t talking about the usual, over-produced reports on the same top 10 golf courses that you hear from every Tom, Dick and Harry. We wanted real insights from real golfers. Golfers that play the inconspicuous, ordinary and unknown golf courses of this world. The courses you didn’t even know you wanted to play… but you do! Our site is built on the reviews and insights of golfers like you, that play their local course, tell others about it, and put it on the radar for other golfing fanatics.

Our Ambassadors

This series of blog posts is aimed at getting to know the Leadingcourses ambassadors and getting insights into why they play the game of golf. We also hope to give you some fun stories and hidden gems along the way. These lads and ladies have developed a love of the game, after years of playing, so there are no better people to answer the question “Why should you play golf?”.

Without further ado, we’ll continue with our next ambassador; The Belgian Belter, Dagmar Buysse!


Name: Dagmar Buysse
Nationality: Belgian
Years playing golf: 20
Home Course: Oudenaarde Golf & Country Club
Handicap: 15

When did you start playing golf and why?

As a young man I worked in England for a few years (1998 – 2000) and that’s where I hit my first golf balls. I was more into football at that time, so I didn’t have much interest in golf.

Some years later I noticed a nine-hole golf course with a driving range (Golf Puyenbroeck) not too far from my home in Ghent. I decided to go check it out one day and I was almost instantly addicted to the game.

The 9 hole course at Puyenbroeck - Why I play Golf
The 9 hole course at Puyenbroeck

What is your favourite thing about playing golf? Your least favourite?

Favourite: It takes me away from all the hustle and bustle of life. Being in nature and playing that game just takes my mind off everything else.

Least favourite: Hitting a good shot and still not finding my ball. I really hate not finding my golf ball!

Do you have a favourite course/why?

Ooooh! That is a very hard question. The answer actually changes from time to time.

I’m a huge links fan. So I’m inclined to say that at the moment, Royal Cinque Ports in England is my favorite course. It’s located right by the sea, it’s packed with history and the maintenance is fantastic. It’s also an honest and true course with wonderful green complexes (I feel like I’m writing a review for Leadingcourses now!).

But I must admit that I am a sucker for luxury. So a holiday resort golf club like Abama in Tenerife scores really high on ‘my favorite golf course list’. With its fantastic views on the ocean from nearly every hole and the amazing hospitality and very high service level.

I do like to be pampered now and then!

The lap of luxury - Abama Golf Resort
The lap of luxury – Abama Golf Resort

What’s your favourite golfing destination/why?

That too is a very hard question. And just like with the previous question, my answer will change from time to time. At the moment the south west of England is on my radar because of its wealth of fantastic golf courses. However, the weather conditions are not always optimal.

What is the best golfing trip you have ever been on? Why?

Palm trees at Paradis Golf Club - Why I play golf
The palm trees at Paradis Hotel & Golf Club

I can think of a quite a few golfing trips that all have been wonderful, but the best so far was my trip to Mauritius last year.

First of all because of the fantastic golf courses and the very high service level at the golf clubs. Second because of the incredibly beautiful location of the resort we stayed at (Paradis – Le Morne). But most of all because I was there with my family and I was able to play these fantastic golf courses with my 2 sons.

Dagmar and his two boys on the course
The boys on the course!

What is the strangest thing that has happened to you during a round of golf?

I was once golfing at Palingbeek, in Belgium when a strong whirlwind started up and massive amounts of rain followed. Luckily we could hide in a storm shelter. After the storm passed the golf course was destroyed. Trees had fallen over the fairways and there was water running everywhere.

We got a voucher to finish our round of golf on another time 😉.

Do you have a favourite type of course?

Links. For sure. Like 100%!

What is the toughest course you’ve ever played?

I think the toughness of a course has a lot to do with the current weather conditions when you are playing it. I once played Golf de Wimereux in France and the wind was so strong that my drives only got as far as 50 meters or so.

Another time I was playing the Avalon Golf Estate in the mountains of Mauritius in the middle of a cyclone. I have never in my life experienced more rain during a round of golf.

Avalon Golf Estate also won the title of best price/quality for Mauritius in the 2020 Golfers Choice Awards.

Besides the weather conditions I have had some very tough rounds simply because of poor golf shots on my part. But I prefer not to talk about those.

Golf de Wimereux - Why I play golf
Golf de Wimereux on a brighter day!

What courses are on your bucket list? What golfing destinations are on your bucket list?

How many pages can I fill? My bucket list is quite long to be honest. When I start going on about it, my wife always has to calm me down and tell me that I have loads of time left to work on that list. I guess she’s right! These are 3 courses that are on my list:

The fabulous Thracian Cliffs - Why I play golf
The fabulous Thracian Cliffs
(C) jacob@sjomanart.com

What is the best price/quality destination for playing golf?

Well I have no definitive answer to that actually as green-fee prices can be subject to deals and seasons. Even the very expensive golf courses often have good deals. The best tip I can give is to keep your eyes open for a good deal.

How did you hear about Leadingcourses?

I joined Leadingcourses in 2011 but I don’t remember how I heard about it. It is an honest platform from golfers for golfers. The reviews are written by ordinary golfers like me and you. It is especially useful when planning a golf trip. You can easily type in your destination and see all the surrounding golf clubs.

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