World Record golf courses

At we are always looking for nice angles for our blogposts! This time: golf courses that hold some kind of world record. Having such a record does not necessarily mean that these golf courses are very good or enjoyable to play, but they will provide you with a great story to tell in the pub.

Furnace Creek Golf Course  (USA) – lowest golf course

Furnace Creek Golf Course
Furnace Creek Golf Course – copyright The Oasis at Death Valley

Furnace Creek Golf Course in Death Valley is the lowest golf course in the world at 65 meters or 214 feet below sea-level! Even if you do not play well, you will play your lowest round ever here! Furnace Creek Golf Course is a desert resort golf, par 70 course. Palm and tamarisk trees frame the fairways and majestic mountains are visible from all areas of the course. During a 1997 redesign, Perry Dye added subtle mounding and re-contoured greens to the already fun layout. Water comes into play on nine holes and four sets of tees provide an enjoyable challenge for players of all skill levels.

Nullarbor Links (Australia) – longest golf course

Nullarbor Links - Hole 11: 90 Mile Straight
Nullarbor Links hole 11- copyright Eyre Highway Operators Association

The Nullarbor Links concept is unique. The 18-hole par 72 golf course spans 1,365 kilometres with one hole in each participating town or roadhouse along the Eyre Highway, from Kalgoorlie in Western Australia to Ceduna in South Australia. Each hole includes a green and tee and somewhat rugged outback-style natural terrain fairway. The course provides a quintessential Australian experience and a much-needed attraction for travellers along the renowned desolate highway. Funny local rule: don’t drive vehicles on the fairways and tee your golf ball up on the fairways.

Mission Hills (China) – largest golf club

Mission Hills China
Mission Hills China – copyright Mission Hills

Mission Hills is China’s highest rated golf and leisure resort, and the world’s largest golf club according to the Guinness World Records. The 20-square kilometre golf complex features twelve 18-hole resort and championship courses. Mission Hills is the cradle of golf in China and hosts several important tournaments.

Yak Golf Course – highest golf course

Yak Golf Course
Yak Golf Course

The highest golf course – so located on the highest altitude – is the Yak Golf Course at 3,970 meters or 13,025 feet above sea level. The course is located in Kupup, East Sikkim, India and was awarded this title by the Guiness Book of Records on 10 October 2006. The course is located on an Indian Army base and is 6026 yards long.
La Paz Golf Club claims to have the highest golf championship golf course in the world and you are more likely to play there than at Yak Golf Course. The La Paz golf course is located 3,382 meters above sea level, so make sure to acclimatize before you play. You probably will hit your longest drives ever here due to the thin air!

The Old Course at St Andrews Links (Scotland) – the oldest course

St. Andrews Links
St. Andrews Links – copyright Leadingcourses

The oldest golf course in the world is the Old Course at St. Andrews Links in Fife, Scotland. The archbishop Hamilton’s Charter in 1552 is the earliest documentary evidence that allowed the people of St. Andrews to play golf on the Links. The charter is principally a license to allow Archbishop Hamilton to breed rabbits on the links, but the document also allows them to continue the “playing at golf, futball, schuting at all gamis, with all uther maner of pastyme as ever thai plais.”

Gunsan Country Club (South Korea) – longest hole at a golf club

Gunsan Country Club
Gunsan Country Club – copyright Korean Golf News

We already mentioned Nullarbor Links as the longest golf course on earth. Obviously their holes are very long, but they are not really located at an actual golf club. Although the Satsuki Golf Club in Japan claims to have the longest hole – hole 7 – in the world (a par 7 measuring 881 meters or 964 yards), the Gunsan Country Club also has a par 7 hole which measures a whopping 1,004 meters. By the way, they also have a par 6 hole, which is 661 meters long. Besides these crazy long holes, the Gunsan Country Club is quite special for another reason. They have 81 holes (18 holes for members and 63 holes open for the public) covering an abandoned salt field of 1,060 acres. It’s the only course in Korea where all the holes are surrounded by lakes; around 380 acres or 36% of the course comprises of lakes and the holes are connected by 26 bridges! Bring some extra balls 😉

Casey Country Club (USA) – golf club with the largest golf tee

Casey Country Club
Casey Country Club – Largest golf tee

Casey Country Club is home to the largest golf tee; the tee is 9.37 meters (30.9 feet) long with a head diameter of 1.91 meters (6.3 feet) and a shaft width of 64 cm (2.1 feet). The golf tee was made by Jim Bolin (Casey, Illinois). The golf tee was made out of yellow pine boards and it took 6 months to produce. Future plans for the golf tee are to add a huge golf ball to the top of the tee and allow golfers to tee off from the inside. The golf course at the Casey Country Club opened in late 1929.

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