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Rhuddlan is the site of the first of Edward I's concentric fortress. Built in the 13th century, it was the king's main stronghold for his conquest of North Wales and was the forerunner of the great castles of Conwy and Harlech - where, co-incidentally, memorable courses have also sprung up. Rhuddlan Golf Club was a long way behind those in its development, but is none the worse for the delay. The attractive and scenic parkland course was first established as a nine-holer in 1930, extending to 18 eight years later. After World War II, however, it went through several changes until the designers Hawtree created a new layout in the 1960s which was further improved after the gift of an extra 30 acres from the club president, Lord Langford. The improvements continue, Rhuddlan has recently won an award from the Forestry Commission for the club's work in planting 5,000 trees and considerably enriching the environment of the course. The areas of new growth have not only brought new definition to the fairways and greens but provided wildlife corridors joining ponds and greens around the popular championship course. Among the new "visitors" are kestrels, pheasants and a family of badgers.
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Played on: 26 August 2012 Review date: 26 August 2012Handicap: 10.5
Rhuddlan Golf Club 1
Prachtige vlakke parkbaan. Voor ons nederlanders wat makkelijker dan de heuvel- of linksbanen.
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