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Muckhart is a 27 hole Golf Complex, comprising 3 x 18 hole courses and/or three 9-hole courses. All three nines start and finish close to the Clubhouse and can be played in various combinations. The courses are as follows: The Arndean Course (2835 yards) is situated in an upland area of the course. The fifth hole, "Top 'o the World" as the name suggests lies on a ridge overlooking the Forth Valley. The course is host to many blind shots and dog legs and requires good control when making tee shots to avoid the ball running off the fairway. Each of the nine holes require a different approach if they are to be tamed, demanding tactical awareness and a skilful touch with all the clubs in your bag. However all this should not detract from Muckhart Golf Club's main features, the stunning vistas viewed from the course's many vantage points. Stirling Castle, The Wallace Monument, The Forth Valley and of course the Ochil Hills are something to be savoured on a long summer evening out on the course. The Cowden Course (3114 yards), the original course of the club, is located on the lower heathland area of the complex. It offers a mature parkland setting on undulating terrain, which will bite back if you stray off the fairway. The eighteenth is the highlight as you approach the Clubhouse, with water running both across the fairway and laterally. The fifth, "Seamab" is certainly a test of endurance, with the temptation to drive over the gully, could leave you gasping for breath. The Naemoor Course (3234 yards), the latest addition to the club is again located on the lower heathland area of the course. Its youthful character hides the challenge that is its length. All the holes warrant respect and a keen aim if you are to tame "The New Nine". We welcome visitors who should telephone Keith Salmoni, our club professional on 01259 781493 to reserve a tee-time. Keith also provides golf tuition, and is the proprietor of the well-stock
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Plätze von Muckhart Golf Club

4 Bewertungen
Naemoor/Cowden 1/3
Löcher: 18
3 Bewertungen
Arndean/Cowden 2/3
Löcher: 18
1 Bewertung
Arndean/Naemoor 3/3
Löcher: 18
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FAQ's zu Muckhart Golf Club
Häufig gestellte Fragen unserer Community zu Muckhart Golf Club.
Was kostet ein Greenfee für Muckhart Golf Club?
Der Preis für ein Greenfee bei Muckhart Golf Club liegt zwischen 30,00 £ - 35,00 £. Sie können eine Abschlagszeit bei Muckhart Golf Club über Leading Courses buchen oder reservieren, indem Sie auf die entsprechenden Schaltflächen oben auf der Seite klicken.
Wie lautet die Telefonnummer von Muckhart Golf Club?
Die Telefonnummer von Muckhart Golf Club ist: +44 (0)1259 781423.
Wo liegt Muckhart Golf Club?
Muckhart Golf Club befindet sich in Clackmannanshire. Die Adresse von Muckhart Golf Club ist: Muckhart, by Dollar, Clackmannan FK14 7JH
Hat Muckhart Golf Club eine Driving Range?
Nein, eine Driving Range scheint es am Muckhart Golf Club nicht zu geben.
Kann man beim Muckhart Golf Club Golfschläger mieten?
Ja, es ist möglich, Golfschläger beim Muckhart Golf Club zu mieten.
Wie viele Löcher hat der Muckhart Golf Club?
Auf dem Muckhart Golf Club gibt es insgesamt 27 Löcher.
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