Golf courses spanning two countries

10 febrero 2021
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Jeroen Korving
We always like to highlight special or unique golf courses and this time is no different. In this article we put golf clubs in the spotlight that span two countries, meaning that these golf courses actually have holes located in two different countries! How special is that? When playing the courses mentioned below, make sure to bring your passport aside from your golf bag and golf shoes.
Crossing the border at International Golf Maastricht
Crossing the border at International Golf Maastricht (photo credits: member plfransen)

List of golf clubs located in two countries

1. International Golf Maastricht - The Netherlands & Belgium

At International Golf Maastricht, located in Maastricht, 13 holes are located in The Netherlands and five holes are in Belgium. You will play holes 1-7 in The Netherlands, into Belgium for holes 8-12 before reentering The Netherlands to complete this unusual round of golf. Fun fact is also that the driving range is located in both countries as well. Who can say they hit a ball in The Netherlands which ended up in Belgium?

2. Meri-Lapin Golfklubi - Finland & Sweden

At Tornio Golf Club - also known as Meri-Lapin Golfklubi - the experience is even more special. The Tornio or Green Zone golf course is located in Finland and Sweden, allowing you to fire shots into a different country and time zone! With 11 holes located in Sweden and seven in Finland, not many can say they’ve walked across a border on a golf course. But, we're sure not many can say their tee shot has been in the air for over an hour. On the 6th hole - a par 3 - your ball will travel through a timezone, meaning it will drop to the ground one hour later.

3. Llanymynech Golf Club - England & Wales

Llanymynech Golf Club - located in the village of Pant, in Shropshire - is also located in two countries. Fifteen of its holes are in Wales, with the other three in England. On the par-4 fourth, you tee off in Wales but you hole out in England.

4. Aroostook Valley Country Club - USA & Canada

The Aroostook Valley Country Club straddles the Canada–US border, between the U.S. state of Maine and the Canadian province of New Brunswick. The club, located near Perth-Andover has its course (except part of the tee area for the ninth hole, and possibly part of a sand trap on the first hole) and clubhouse on the Canadian side of the border and its parking lot and pro shop on the American side. Although the course is located entirely on one side of the border, on hole 1 (The International), hole 2 (The Grove) and hole 9 (Old Ironsides) you can literally hit your ball 'out of the country'.
Did you play any of these courses? Then make sure to share your opinion on! If you have played a course that is located in two countries which did not make the list, then please share this with us!
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