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Ypsilon Golf Liberec is since March 2004 member of the Czech Golf Federation and is located in an area where the borders of Czech Republic, Germany and Poland meet. The gol…
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CZK 1,500.00
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CZK 1,500.00
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The name of the club Ypsilon Golf Liberec symbolizes its geographical position on the border of three states, the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland. Looking at the map reveals the letter “Y”. The club name and logo were designed by Miro Pistek and his company Miro Pistek Design, while this company is also the author of the club room design, the club’s communication culture, and generally everything we’ve come to call “corporate identity”. The history of the club started as of March 2004, when it was accepted as a regular member of the Czech Golf Federation. The activities of the club were fully initiated on the 12th May 2006, when the entire premises of the golf resort was opened for the public. It offers games at a professional golf course to all the supporters, as well as extensive training premises and a modern club room with a restaurant. All that situated in a picturesque intact countryside at the foothills of Jizerské hory.

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  • impression générale8.5
  • maintenance du terrain8.4
  • installations8.1
  • clubhouse8.1
  • Rapport qualité prix8.5
  • hospitalité7.4
  • alentours9.2

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Joué le: 10 septembre 2020
Date d’avis: 29 octobre 2020
Index: 27.3

Ein der schönsten und anspruchvollsten Golfplätze in Tschechien und Europa.

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Joué le: 19 août 2020
Date d’avis: 14 novembre 2020
Index: 18.1

Elk jaar als we weer in Tsjechie zijn moet ik deze baan lopen. Prachtige omgeving en vergezichten, zeer mooie baan met veel afwisseling en uitdaging, de prijs is ook uitstekend en na afloop is het een prachtige plek om nog even een wat te eten, drinken en na te genieten.

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Joué le: 13 octobre 2019
Date d’avis: 5 janvier 2020
Index: 11.3

My favorite course in the Czech Republic, located about 80min drive north of Prague on the foothill of Iser mountains. It is hilly course with stunning vistas, challenging the player both physically and strategically. There are some short drivable par 4s (7th and 12th) as well as very difficult and long par 3s, in particular when played into prevailing wind (4th and 13th)…

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