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Swinging into the New Year with Leading Courses CEO Ruben Meiland

26 December 2022
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Leading Courses
Welcome to our end-of-year interview series! In these interviews, we'll be talking with several Leading Courses employees about their golf experiences this year. First up: CEO Ruben Meiland
Ruben Meiland teeing off at The Links Valley. (Photo: Jeroen Korving)
  • Name: Ruben Meiland
  • HCP: 30
  • Home course: Golfclub De Haar
  • Equipment brand(s): Callaway driver, Ping Irons, TaylorMade wedges and putter
  • Favourite type of golf course: Forest courses and any course that overlooks the ocean

What was your most memorable round in 2022?

That has to be the 18 holes we played at The Links Valley (header photo) during the Leading Courses Series. It was memorable not just because we played the same course in two directions but also because it was the first time I broke 100! All in all a fantastic experience and I can highly recommend everyone to join our next Series event.

What's your favourite course that you've played in 2022?

The clubhouse at the Koninklijke Haagsche. (Photo: Koninklijke Haagsche)

Looking at my reviews on Leading Courses, the highest rating I gave was a 9.1 for the “Koninklijke Haagsche G&CC” and I think in retrospect it’s fair to say that indeed I was most impressed with that course in 2022. It was very challenging, especially for a rookie like myself, but the whole atmosphere, condition of the course and surroundings were truly next level.

What aspect has the highest impact when reviewing a golf course and why?

As golf is a way to relax for me, surroundings are always something that I factor into my decision on which course to play. I love forest courses as well as any course that overlooks the ocean!

Who was your favourite golfer of 2022 and why?

I would have probably given the same answer for the last three years; Rory McIlroy is one of the reasons why I love watching golf so much. It’s not just his textbook swings but his entire demeanour and attitude both on- and off the course that are a true poster for the game of golf.

Most memorable golf moment of 2022?

It’s been said by many others before me, but seeing Tiger walk St. Andrew’s bridge the way he did almost brought tears to my eyes. He will probably forever be one of the most iconic golfers in history and seeing him struggle at The Open felt like the end of an era. You never know with Tiger though, he might make another comeback in 2023!

Do you have a list of courses that you hope to play in 2023 and if so; which one stands out most?

Monte Rei is rated as the best golf course in Portugal. (Photo: Monte Rei)

Most definitely! I’ve created a bucket list with courses I really want to play, but I don’t have the illusion that I’ll play all of them in 2023. One that’s on the list and that I will be playing however, is Monte Rei. I’m very much looking forward to playing Portugal’s highest rated course!

What are your golf goals for 2023?

According to my pro I should be able to get my HCP down to 18 in the coming year, so that’s what I’ll be training for!

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