Golfers Choice Rankings 2022: Golf Courses with the Best Maintenance

14 April 2022
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Ruben van der Zaag
Leading Courses has recently published the 2022 Golfers' Choice Rankings. There are rankings in 8 different categories. In this inspiration article, you can read everything about the golf courses with the Best Maintenance. This category is sponsored by Pitchfix.
Marco Simone Golf & Country Club is the golf club with the best maintained golf course in Italy.

The Golfers’ Choice rankings have been created for 15 countries in total. The rankings are 100% based on reviews and ratings given by actual golfers, which make them the most transparent rankings in the world of golf. The Best Maintenance category is available in 11 countries.

What does the Best Maintenance category entail?

This category deals with one of the most important conditions for enjoying a pleasant round; the maintenance of the course. Because let's be fair, it doesn't matter how nice the course looks, if the condition of the course is not up to par, you'll enjoy your round much less. On the other hand, If the maintenance of the course is excellent, it can even boost the design a little.

By receiving reviews from golfers, golf clubs gather points. Once a golf club has gathered enough points (1000) its rating becomes active and they are eligible to be in the Golfers Choice Rankings. For this ranking, only the rating for maintenance has been taken into account.

Abu Dhabi Golf Club is the golf course with the Best Maintenance in the United Arab Emirates. (Photo: Abu Dhabi Golf Club)

The list of the 11 Golf Clubs with the Best Maintenance 

Without further ado, here is the list that you want to see. Click the link(s) to see the golf clubs with the Best Maintenance for that specific country.

The Best Maintenance category is sponsored by Pitchfix. Pitchfix manufactures and distributes the best Divot Repair Tools and golf accessories in Europe, Asia and USA since 2004. The products they design, the research they conduct to test their ideas and the service that they provide for their customers is all driven by the aim to provide the best products that they can for golfers and to be good for greens and golf.

Visit the Golfers' Choice Rankings 2022 page to see all rankings in all countries.

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