Leading Courses raises €2.5m to fuel international growth

05 January 2021
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Leading Courses raises €2.5m to fuel international growth
Leadingcourses.com, Europe’s largest golf-booking and review site, is poised to expand its services throughout Europe after raising €2.5 million in a funding round led by a group of angel investors.
Currently providing an online platform for golfers to discover, compare, review and book various European golf courses, Leading Courses also offers golf clubs access to valuable data and insights to efficiently enhance their services and increase revenue.
“I am extremely proud and grateful that we were able to raise this capital in these challenging times,” said CEO Ruben Meiland.
“While the pandemic spread, golf has gained enormous popularity because of its outdoor and socially distant nature. With this investment, we plan to grow from being Europe’s largest golf-booking and review site into becoming Europe’s leading golf platform.

“We have built an incredibly strong brand and Europe’s largest community of avid golf enthusiasts. We plan to leverage the credibility of our brand and utilise our vast amount of data to enhance the experience for both golfers and clubs, thus creating additional value on both sides of the marketplace.”    
The new website - project name Eagle - is currently in public béta (Jan 2021)
Leading Courses’ expansion plans include launching an entirely new platform and mobile app in early 2021, allowing the site to scale their product efficiently and provide many new business opportunities to grow its services globally.

By leveraging big data and investing in unique, relevant and personalised content, the platform will provide a wealth of information for golf enthusiasts worldwide. It will also support golf clubs in enhancing their online presence, services, increase revenue and allow them to tap into new technologies such as dynamic pricing.

About Leading Courses

Leading Courses was founded in 2007 by a passionate group of golfers.  Over the years it has grown to the largest golf booking- and review platform in Europe. With half a million visitors each month, more than 280,000 verified reviews, 260,000 photos, 130,000 members and 25,000 courses on the platform it caters to a huge community of avid golfers throughout the world.  Two years ago, booking functionality was introduced that allows golfers to book “tee times” at golf courses globally. In 2021 a paid membership will be launched that aims to provide deals, perks, additional features and unique experiences to golf enthusiasts.



The largest golf course platform in Europe! 25.000 golf courses in 150+ countries and more than 255.000 reviews.
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