Where to Play the Most Amount of Golf in Europe?

29 November 2019
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Jeroen Korving
We all know a few golfers that just can’t stop golfing. They get up early and tee off at 7.00 o’clock – and probably even earlier if allowed by the caddymaster – play 18 holes, have lunch and will start all over again. We have quite a few Leadingcourses Ambassadors and they probably all qualify as golf nuts.
Gleneagles Hotel, a great venue in Schotland (photo credits, member Leonard)
Gleneagles Hotel, a great venue in Schotland (Photo credits, member Leonard)
On a trip to Sicily, these ambassadors managed to squeeze in a few rounds extra, even with an 18 hole round already planned everyday (including travelling). You just have to admire these types of golfers. Most of my friends will get some motivational problems after hole 14 or 15 and will be thinking which beer or which tapas to order on the terrace. But not everyone is equally affected by the golf drug ;-)

If you are also a real golf nut that just can’t stop playing, then here is a list of golf clubs to go to in Europe!

1. St. Andrews Links – 117 holes (Scotland)

What do we need to say about St. Andrews? St. Andrews Links is the home of golf and offers a whopping 117 holes in total – it offers 6 18 hole courses and one 9 hole course. It’s not easy to play the course everyone wants to play when visiting St. Andrews – the Old Course – but it is not impossible. Just book well in advance (2019 is already fully booked) or just go there and enter the ballot 48 hours in advance. Last option is to just show up as a single golfer on the day of play and perhaps you are lucky enough to be added to a flight.

The following golf courses are available at St. Andrews Links:
  • Old Course
  • New Course
  • The Castle Course
  • Jubilee Course
  • Eden Course
  • Strathtyrum Course
  • Balgove Course (9 holes)
According to other golfers on Leadingcourses, make sure to play the Old Course, the Jubilee Course, the New Course and the Eden Course. But if you have time, just play them all!

2. The Manor House Hotel & The Ashbury Hotel – 99 holes (England)

If you love golf and you are not willing to pay a lot, then the The Manor House and Ashbury Hotels is the place to go. The opportunity to play golf on their 99 holes is one of the many reasons why so many guests like to return year after year. They offer four championship par 72 courses – Kigbeare, Pines, Beeches and Oakwood. The Ashbury course is a 9 hole course and may be played in conjunction with the Pines front 9 or back 9. This is complemented by the Willows 18 hole Par 3 course.

The following golf courses are available at The Manor House and Ashbury Hotels:
  • Kigbeare Course
  • Pines Course
  • Beeches Course
  • Oakwood Course
  • Ashbury Course (9 holes)
  • Willows Course (par 54)

3. Golfbaan Spaarnwoude – 66 holes (The Netherlands)

Golfbaan Spaarnwoude offers an array of different 9-hole loops, which do not have very fancy names. They run from A – E and ironically the E course is the oldest and best one at Spaarnwoude. Spaarnwoude offers a total of 66 holes, but only three loops (C, D and E) are championship courses. The other loops – A and B – are par 29 and the F loop is a par 27 and very suitable for beginners.

The following golf courses are available at Golfbaan Spaarnwoude:
  • A Course (par 29)
  • B Course (par 29)
  • C Course
  • D Course
  • E Course
  • F (par 27)

4. The Gleneagles Hotel – 63 holes (Scotland)

This Ryder Cup venue has everything a golfer wants. Great service, a nice hotel and a lot of very good golf courses. In 2019, Gleneagles celebrates its golfing centenary. The iconic King’s and Queen’s courses were first opened here in 1919. The PGA Centenary Course – a Jack Nicklaus design – hosted the 2014 Ryder and the 2019 Solheim Cup.

The following golf courses are available at Gleneagles:
  • King’s Course
  • Queen’s Course
  • PGA Centenary Course
  • Wee Course (9 holes)

5. Lindö Golf (Huvudstadens Golf) – 63 holes (Sweden)

 Lindö Golf is the largest golf resort in the Nordic countries and is located in scenic Vallentuna, just 35 km north of Stockholm. There are a lot of practise facilities and Lindö Golf also offers a hotel. The Lindö Dal course (par 70) is the oldest course and was built in 1979, the Park (par 72) was built in 1984 and in 2000 the Äng Course (par 72) was built. 

The following courses are available at Lindö:
  • Äng
  • Dal
  • Park
  • Korthål (9 holes)
f you want to locate more large golf clubs in Europe, then just use the filters which you can find on the left side of our site (if you are checking clubs in a country or region).

Note: Wentworth Golf Club also offers 63 holes in total, but they are now a private golf club. That is why we decided not to list them in the top 5.
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