Leadingcourses Eagle release 2.0

24 December 2020
8 min. read
Map on Eagle website
We launched the public beta of our new website several weeks ago and we were overwhelmed by all the great feedback we got from our users. Based on that feedback our team has been working relentlessly to improve the website and to add new features. Below an overview of the most important changes, which we would love you to try for yourself.

Most important changes in Eagle 2.0

Log in using your Leading Courses account

  • Your Leading Courses password has to be reset once, now using a lower password security check

Homepage - Book now

  • There is a variety of carousels with bookable clubs here, like:
  1. Clubs near you
  2. Clubs that are recently bookable via Leading Courses
  3. Recently booked clubs by our members
  • Several bug fixes have been done so the booking engine is working flawlessly for all our bookable clubs
  • All your booking details and coupons are now visible via "My Leading Courses"

Home page - Destination

  • Your local region is just one click away now
  • We visually promote the relevant region on our destination page
  • European countries are easier to find

Region pages

  • Every region has a map view displaying relevant clubs
  1. All golf clubs in the world are visible on a Google map view
  2. Club card components are used to display details per club
  3. Filters are still under construction
  • We have implemented new carousels with new designs on the region pages;
  1. The white space on the left side has been removed
  2. The navigation within the carousel is more intuitive
  3. There are more clubs available per carousel
  • Bookable clubs per region are now displayed (when available)


  • Suggest
  1. The main screen now has Club based Suggest Search
  • Results
  1. Split up in clubs, regions and cities
  2. Improved navigation to switch between these three options
  3. Default pictures throughout Eagle have been added with a variety of pictures matching either a region, a city, a club or a specific course
  4. The Search results are under continuous improvements where we focus on showing most popular and most relevant content over low / little rated and remote clubs or regions

What's next?

Currently our development team is working hard on:
  • Finish My Leading Courses
  • Implement map view throughout the platform
  • Implement filters throughout the platform
  • Create lists and rankings for golfers
  • Further improve reviews and golf club details
  • Improve overall performance


You can provide us with your feedback via the Feedback button on the right side of the website



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