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The 10 best bookable golf courses in Europe

27 July 2021
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Ruben van der Zaag
On you can find information about more than 25,000 golf courses worldwide. But did you know there is also a large number of courses where you can directly book your tee time online? This is an overview of the 10 highest rated bookable golf courses on
Monte Rei in Portugal (Photo:
While writing this article, has bookable tee times at almost 400 golf courses in 12 countries. The vast majority of those courses are located in popular touristic countries like Spain, Portugal and France. But you can also book your tee time via in lesser-known locations like Estonia, Latvia and Slovakia. 

Something for everyone

The bookable golf courses on come in many different types. From links to woodland and from desert to mountain, but also from very cheap, to very expensive and from popular golf tourist hub's, to hidden gems that hardly anyone has ever heard of. So basically there's something for everyone. 

This time we've focussed on the highest rated golf courses, that can be booked on Why? Because we all need a bucket list of courses that we just have to play once in our lives. Truth be told, most of the courses on this list aren't particularly cheap. But usually, there is a good reason for that. Whether it's the immaculate maintenance of the course, the triple-A-rated hospitality or the overall experience, quality just comes at a price.
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The 10 best bookable golf courses in Europe

So, without further ado, this is the list of the 10 best bookable golf courses in Europe. Tee times at these courses can be booked directly on and you'll get the best price while you're at it.

The golf courses in this list have been rated by many golfers from all over the world and all ten score a whopping 8.8 or higher. The green fees for these courses vary from €70 to €260 for a round of golf. But rest assured, it will absolutely be a round of golf to remember!
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