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Author: Ruben van der Zaag

Golfers' Choice Rankings 2023: Best Maintenance

16 May 2023
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Ruben van der Zaag
In the serene and meticulously manicured world of golf, the maintenance of a golf course is a vital factor that profoundly impacts the game and the experience of golfers. This is the "Best Maintenance" category of the 2023 Golfers' Choice Rankings.
At Assoufid Golf in Morocco they know how to maintain a golf course. (Photo: Assoufid Golf)

A well-maintained golf course not only enhances the aesthetics of the surroundings but also significantly influences playability, challenge, and overall enjoyment for golfers. Every aspect of maintenance, from greens to fairways and bunkers to tee boxes, requires careful attention and expertise to create an ideal playing environment. 

The challenges of maintaining a golf course

For golfers, the importance of well-maintained courses cannot be overstated. The quality of the course generally greatly affects the enjoyment of a round of golf. Tee boxes on an even surface that are cut at the right length, recognisable differences between fairway, first-cut and rough and smooth and true greens that reward skilful putting all matter a great deal when it comes to the enjoyment of the overall experience. 

In conclusion, the maintenance of a golf course is an indispensable element that directly impacts the experience of golfers.

However, golf courses face numerous challenges in their maintenance endeavours. Unpredictable weather patterns like heatwaves and droughts or heavy rain and flooding can directly impact the quality of the turf. Pests and diseases pose a constant threat to the health of the golf course, requiring proactive measures to prevent or treat such issues. But also environmental considerations, such as the conservation of water and wildlife habitats, demand responsible management practices to strike a balance between the golfing experience and ecological sustainability.

That is why all golf courses in the "Best Maintenance" category can take a bow for doing it the right way!

The 12 Golf Clubs with the Best Maintenance

Great maintenance from tee to green at Real Club Valderrama in Spain. (Photo Real Club Valderrama)

Below is an overview of the golf courses with the Best Maintenance in 12 countries. Click the link(s) to see the courses with the Best Maintenance for that specific country and to view all other rankings for that country.

CountryClub with the Best MaintenanceAll rankings
AustriaGolfclub KitzbühelView all rankings
BelgiumHulencourtView all rankings
CyprusAphrodite Hills Golf CourseView all rankings
FranceGolf De FontainebleauView all rankings
GermanyGolf Club Gut LärchenhofView all rankings
ItalyMarco Simone Golf & Country ClubView all rankings
MoroccoAssoufid Golf ClubView all rankings
PortugalMonte Rei Golf & Country ClubView all rankings
SpainReal Club ValderramaView all rankings
The NetherlandsThe DutchView all rankings
TurkeyCarya Golf ClubView all rankings
United Arab EmiratesEmirates Golf Club DubaiView all rankings

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