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Golfclub Heidemeer

Golfclub Heidemeer

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Chi è Golfclub Heidemeer

Heidemeer Golf Course is a very challenging park- and woodland golfcourse. The golfcourse is located in southern part of Heerenveen, next to the famous skating arena "Thialf". This very varied golf course begins and ends in Heidemeer villa park. The remaining holes are located partly in the woods and along the Heidemeer (a lake). The signature hole of this course is the beautiful 3 hole, a par 4 with a dogleg from and into the woods of Heidebos. Golf Course Heidemeer has grown into a mature and challenging golf course for any handicap. The golf course is characterized by the cozy atmosphere of the club that excellents fits the nature of Heerenveen.
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28 €
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28 €


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Impressione generale7.6
Manutenzione campo7.3
Qualità - prezzo8.2

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105 Recensioni
Golfclub Heidemeer 1/1
Buche: 9


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Domande e risposte su Golfclub Heidemeer
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Qual è il numero di telefono del Golfclub Heidemeer?
Il numero di telefono del Golfclub Heidemeer è: +31 (0)513 636519.
Dove si trova il Golfclub Heidemeer?
Golfclub Heidemeer si trova in Frisia. L'indirizzo del Golfclub Heidemeer è: Heidemeer 2, 8445 SB Heerenveen
Golfclub Heidemeer ha un campo per la pratica?
Sì, c'è un campo per la pratica presso Golfclub Heidemeer
Puoi noleggiare mazze da golf presso Golfclub Heidemeer?
No, non sembra possibile noleggiare mazze da golf presso Golfclub Heidemeer.
Quante buche ha Golfclub Heidemeer?
Il Golfclub Heidemeer presenta un totale di 9 buche.
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