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Mallorca, a golfers’ paradise!

08 gennaio 2020
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Jeroen Korving
Mallorca (or Majorca) is the largest island of the Balearic Islands. It is located between Ibiza and Menorca in the Mediterranean and is situated on the same height as Valencia. The island is known for its sheltered coves (known as ‘cala’s’), limestone mountains, ravishing beaches and nice temperatures even in the winter. That, combined with 22 available golf courses on Mallorca, ensures that Mallorca is a prime golf destination for many. We decided to pay this island a visit to see if it could compete with the Costa del Sol and the Algarve. Mallorca can be crowded in the summer. We suggest avoiding Magaluf (English) and S’Arenal or Playa de Palma (Germans) unless you are younger than 20 years old. But Mallorca has much more to offer than just sun, beaches and a vibrant nightlife. Palma de Mallorca is a lovely capital to explore and it is not too big so you can explore the city on foot. Palma is known for its impressive cathedral, its nice shopping streets, great restaurants, attractive squares and the large marina. And with quite a few great golf courses just around the corner, this island is a must for golfers.
Picture from Unsplash overview of Mallorca
Mallorca equals beaches, good weather and great golf courses (Photo: Stefan Kunze - Unsplash)

Golf Courses in Mallorca

Well, where to start… Mallorca offers a wide variety of golf courses, new and old, member clubs and resort courses, flat and hilly courses. And some offer some spectacular views across the Mediterranean sea. It’s amazing that a fairly small island (100 km by 70 km) is home to 22 golf courses! Of these, 19 offer 18 holes or more and 8 golf courses are rated 8.0 or higher. This has led Leadingcourses to rate Mallorca with a 9.1, which indicates that Mallorca is outstanding as a golf destination. The rating is based on several elements, like the average rating of golf clubs within this destination and the density of above-average golf clubs. Check all 22 golf clubs in Mallorca.

The most popular golf course on Mallorca is Golf Son Gual, which is located conveniently close to the international airport and Palma. According to golfers on Leadingcourses Club de Golf Alcanada is still the best golf course of Mallorca (but Son Gual is getting close) and is located in the North. We couldn’t play Alcanada as the Challenge Tour Grand Final 2019 was held there when we visited. We decided to play a nice selection of bookable golf courses, all ranking an 8.0 and higher on Leadingcourses.com.

Most golf courses on Mallorca are located either around Palma de Mallorca or in the North-Eastern part of the island. See the map below for the exact locations. Clicking on the map will bring you to the interactive map of Mallorca on Leadingcourses.com.

All the golf clubs on Mallorca (click map to interact)

Our golf trip on Mallorca

We played in the beginning of November 2019 and we were a bit unlucky with the weather. It rained quite a bit, but this did not affect our golfing. Normally you can expect temperatures around 15-20 degrees with fairly sunny skies. During our long weekend (Friday – Monday) we played three golf courses: Club de Golf Son Servera (Saturday), Golf Son Gual (Sunday) and Son Muntaner Golf (Monday). We felt these golf courses were a nice mix, as Son Servera is a members’ club which recently is opening up to green fee players, Son Gual has a business-like feel (great for golf and to do business close to the airport) while Son Muntaner is more a resort course.

Club de Golf Son Servera

We played Son Servera first, on Saturday. We received a really nice and warm welcome here. The club is a members club, but I did not really feel that. So no signs which indicated ‘members-only’ or members who were not friendly. People were all friendly and helpful. The clubhouse interior is quite modern (I was told this was just upgraded), it has a good restaurant and a nice terrace overlooking the putting green, practise facilities and the green of the 18th hole. Some of our group walked the course – which is no problem at all, the others made use of a buggy which was well equipped. Son Servera has a good driving range which is en route to the tee of the first hole, love that!

Then came the Son Servera golf course. I think you have to be a pretty good golfer to enjoy this course. We were all players ranging from handicap 24 – handicap 14 and I think that is the level you should have. A really nice touch is the Pine Trap (hole 3 – 7) where you can play a game in a game. On these holes, you need to be straight and precise. The course has a nice variation of holes, a good flow and layout. We never had to think where to go, it’s very clear where the next hole is.

The View

What makes the course special is the surroundings. There are rock formations on the one side and some nice views across the Mediterranean Sea. Slightly similar to some views at Alcanada. Other things to note: they have a nice birdie book (5 euro) and you are required to stop for 10 minutes after hole 9. We did not really understand why – we did have a drink there – but we were a bit under pressure to finish before dark. All in all we had a great day and when visiting Mallorca, this is a course to pay a visit. Very different atmosphere compared to Golf Son Gual or Son Muntaner Golf. You feel that this course has been around for quite some years. Keep up the good work. I personally believe this course deserves a slightly higher rating.

Green fees start at 66 euro (off-season) and climb to 87 euro in high season.


Golf Son Gual

It’s difficult to review Son Gual, as we played here just after a day and night of very heavy rainfall. Buggy’s were not allowed on the course as a result of that, although they allowed one injured friend to use a buggy, which was very nice. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The club has a modern feel to it and it must be a place where a lot of business is done. It’s close to the airport and Palma.

The Course

The course is designed by German architect Thomas Himmel. The layout is nice and the golf course is known for its numerous water features, large bunkers, and well maintained, undulated and large greens. The level of maintenance is really good, sometimes it was hard to tell where the green started and the fairways and foregreens ended. Due to the rain, it was no real problem to be in the many bunkers, but I can imagine that this will be very different when it’s dry. A nice touch is that you can download the birdie guide for free on your phone and that you receive a pin sheet with the pin positions.

Except for a few distance markers on the fairway, there are no visual signs of how far you need to hit your next shot. So bringing along a golf watch or rangefinder is recommended. If you do not own one, the birdie guide is essential. Another nice touch is the Palacio, a late-colonial style house, which you can see alongside the 18th hole. The clubhouse is also nice (quite big) with a terrace overlooking the course. We had some very nice food there and the pro shop is well-stocked. Very nice locker rooms with good showers and even a sauna. A golf club for the high-end golfer. All in all, we had a great day, even despite the poor weather. And this is a big compliment.

Green fees start at 85 euro (off-season) and climb to 145 euro in high season.


Son Muntaner Golf (Arabella Golf)

On Monday – our last day on Mallorca – we played Son Muntaner. There are two other courses available on the premises: Son Vida (first course in Mallorca) and Son Quint. They all are part of Arabella Golf. Again, the staff was very friendly, both in the clubhouse, proshop as well as the starter.

The first impression is that they really know what they are doing. We noticed multiple ‘radars’ along the course, meant to measure where flights are during high season. The Son Muntaner golf course is a long (we played from yellow) but forgiving course. In my opinion, this resort course is suited for any level of golfer and all of them will enjoy the course. The course is well maintained with good greens. You will be able to score here. Only on a few holes water is in play. Bunkers have a good consistency and are pretty similar. The course is quite varied, with water holes, uphill and downhill holes and some nice par 3’s. I walked the course which is fine, the buggy’s all have GPS and was quite new. There are quite some distance markers, so no need to guess the distances.

One of the best!

A nice touch is the ‘free’ banana when you start your round and the fact that they try to reduce plastic waste. They offer a nice range of cool looking bottles (5 euro) which you can fill up for free with still or sparkling water in the clubhouse or at hole 9/10. Personally I played pretty well, so that’s hard not to take that into account, but I think a lot of people will have the same feeling. All in all a good course – probably among the best on the island. Good layout, enjoyable, not too difficult and with good maintenance. What do you need more? And it’s very close to Palma.

PS: Some people complain in reviews about the chimney. I think the chimney is a great feature (it’s a monument) and just ads to the experience. It’s also part of the logo of the restaurant.

Green fees start at 115 euro (off-season) and climb to 155 euro in high season.


Where to stay and eat?

We stayed in a nice lovely hotel in the city centre of Palma, Hotel Nakar. It has nice spacious rooms and a great rooftop pool and bar area (which we couldn’t use due to the bad weather). Breakfast is served on the 7th floor and when the weather is nice, the breakfast area is open and provides you with great views across Palma.
Hotel Nakar on Mallorca with a stunning view over the city and ocean (Photo: Booking.com)
Having a great dinner in Palma is not very difficult. Just ask the hotel receptionist or use TripAdvisor. We went to the following places: Restaurante Tast Unión, La Rosa Vermutería & Colmado and Koa. The food at Koa was the best, Tast Unión was nice local food and La Rosa – although quite famous – had some nice food, but the service was not the best.

Like we said before, Palma de Mallorca is a vibrant city in the southwest part of the island. Aside from offering a lot of restaurants and bars, the city has a lot of touristic attractions, like the Cathedral area, The Rocks, the Old City and Banys Àrabs and … great golf courses. We feel Palma is the perfect start for a golf break to Mallorca. There are 14 golf clubs within a 22 km radius from Palma.

Golf in Mallorca

In our opinion, Mallorca is a great and strong competitor for the Costa del Sol region and the Algarve. It’s different, it has a lot of high-quality golf courses, Palma is very nice, there are some lovely beaches and beautiful coves and flying into Mallorca is no issue. The airport is modern and can handle a lot of tourists. Mallorca is well-known as a golf destination mainly among the Germans, English and Swedish golfers, but less known as a top golf destination among other European golfers. Based on our current and previous experiences – we also played Alcanada, T-Golf and Bendidat in other trips – this is the place to be! We will certainly return to play the other courses as well!
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