Photo: © Lars Tiede
Photo: © Lars Tiede

Golf in Norway

Norway has quite a substantial number of golf courses, certainly in relation to the size of its population. Golf is popular in Norway and the number of golf courses is growing at a steady rate. Most golf courses are found in and around Oslo and near other larger cities such as Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim. If there is sufficient space on the golf courses, green fee players will be accepted without any problem.

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Photo: © Lars Tiede
Golf in Norway
Occasionally there are golf competitions on ice or snow held in Norway, a very unique experience. It is also very special to play golf in the Lofoten. In the summer you are able to golf day and night due to the magical midnight sun.


FAQ's about golf in Norway
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What is the best golf course in Norway?
Stiklestad Golfklubb is the best golf course in Norway. Out of 172 golf courses in Norway, the rating 8.5 of Stiklestad Golfklubb is the highest. Click here to view the 10 best golf courses in Norway
Is Norway good for golf?
A 7.9 rating indicates Norway is good as a golf destination. This rating is based on several elements, like the average rating of golf clubs within this destination and the density of above-average golf clubs.
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