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Top 10 golf courses in Faro

Looking for some inspiration to play golf in Faro? This is Leading Courses’ top 10 golf courses in Faro. These golf courses have been played and reviewed by Leading Courses users. Based on their reviews these 10 are rated as the best golf courses in Faro. If Faro has less than 10 golf courses, we display the actual number of golf courses in Faro.

Golf in Faro

As mentioned, Faro is known for its international airport serving as hub for many (golf) tourists. This international airport serves millions of visitors annually, with 45+ airlines offering flights to this airport, including many low-cost airlines. Many golfers use Faro to start their holiday, and the majority of golfers flock to the western part of the Algarve as most golf courses are located there. There are 17 golf clubs located within close proximity of Faro making it ideal for a golf break. Well-known Faro golf courses are Quinta do Lago, Victoria Golf Course - Dom Pedro Golf and Vale do Lobo. Faro has a very nice historic centre that is encircled by ancient city walls. The city centre of Faro is filled with pedestrianised shopping streets and peaceful plazas. During the day the ambience of the city is relaxed, with old men playing dominoes in the plazas, but at night there is a surprising buzz and the nightlife is quite active in Faro. Faro has a Mediterranean climate. Summers are warm to hot and sunny with average daytime temperatures of 27–35°C (81–95°F). The weather in the autumn and winter is mild with temperatures ranging from 8–17 °C (46–63 °F). Faro receives most of its rainfall during the winter; rain is rare between June and September. Most golf courses near Faro are located around Vilamoura, which is located west of Faro. There are also quite a few nice golf courses east of Faro. That area is less crowded and is home to the best golf course and resort of Portugal, Monte Rei Golf & Country Club. If you want to stay in a golf resort closer to Faro, then Vale do Lobo, Quinta do Lago and Dom Pedro would be good candidates. The best Faro golf courses are Quinta do Lago, Victoria Golf Course - Dom Pedro Golf and Vale do Lobo. All the mentioned golf courses are located within a radius of 21 km of Faro.
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