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Top 10 golf courses in Czech Republic

Looking for some inspiration to play golf in Czech Republic? This is Leading Courses’ top 10 golf courses in Czech Republic. These golf courses have been played and reviewed by Leading Courses users. Based on their reviews these 10 are rated as the best golf courses in Czech Republic. If Czech Republic has less than 10 golf courses, we display the actual number of golf courses in Czech Republic.

Golf in Czech Republic

It is not a coincidence that a lot of the best golf courses in the Czech Republic can be found near a spa. Golf and wellness really go well together in the Czech Republic. Despite what one might think, the Czech Republic has quite a long golfing tradition. The first 9-hole golf course was opened in 1904 in Karlovy Vary. The best golf courses are found in the area of Prague, West Bohemia and North Moravia. The courses are all designed by leading international golf architects.
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