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Golf in Tenerife - The fairway ends at the Atlantic

23 June 2022
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Do you long to to play a round of golf in good weather throughout the year? Many golfers take refuge to play golf in Tenerife every year thanks to its warm winters and gentle bright summer days.
A golfer hits his tee shot at Abama Golf Resort in Tenerife. (Photo: Turismo de Tenerife)

Visitors come to the island and discover Tenerife and its average annual temperature of 23ºC. Although if you are a golfer, the top reason, without doubt, drawing you to the island is its eight exclusive golf courses, in addition to the Tecina Golf course on the island of La Gomera (lying just a 40-minute boat ride away). Each course is uniquely original thanks to its location and design, top-quality services, mythical views and the welcoming atmosphere awaiting you there. Not to mention the picture-perfect sunsets - the kind you wish could last forever.

Designer Golf in Tenerife

Tenerife’s courses have been designed by golfing greats such as Donald Steel and Severiano Ballesteros. They frequently host all kinds of European championships and tournaments such as the Men’s and Ladies’ Spanish Open which welcome both national and international stars.

If you are wondering what lies behind this success, the answer is diversity. One day you can play on mountain courses 700 metres high and the next, on the coast, at the foot of cliffs or on sandy or rocky coves. The freedom to choose is most welcome as it means you can continually experience something different and new, and that little bug is what makes you come back to island time and time again.

The ocean is a star attraction at most of Tenerife’s courses. Lots of greens are located on the shore itself, making for a spectacular backdrop! Can you imagine the amazing mix of colours with the green course, deep blue water and white caps of the waves? The mere fact of hitting the ball whilst listening to the gentle rolling of the ocean makes it a worthwhile sensation to explore.

Visit the Tenerife Golf website for more information 

9 Tenerife Golf Courses - 9 Experiences

Abama Golf

A unique game of golf awaits you at this exceptional 18-hole course, a genuine work of art created by Dave Thomas. Fabulous views of the sea and the island of La Gomera await you at all of the holes and you can improve your swing on the practice green (3 holes) or just sit and relax at the Club House.

An aerial view of Abama Golf. (Photo: Abama Golf)

The golf course is unique, peppered with 22 lakes and over 90,000 palm trees. Facing the sea and situated in a very peaceful area in Guía de Isora, West Tenerife, the resort is ideal for a holiday with a difference in an unrivalled setting. 

Amarilla Golf

Right next to the ocean, the landscape designer Donald Steel created an 18-hole golf course overlooking the sea where you are sometimes obliged to drive the ball over the waves onto the next green. This is the case with the 5th hole, certainly one of the most spectacular on the course. Palm trees, cannas indicas, Canary pine trees and obstacles liven up your round of golf at this course, which also boasts fantastic views of Teide. The club has a pitch and putt course, a swimming pool and a horse riding club.

Buenavista Golf

Located on striking cliffs and flanked by the impressive Teno Country Park, the Seve Ballesteros designed Buenavista Golf enjoys close proximity to the stunning coastline. On several of the greens it feels like you are hitting the ball into the ocean. In the first half, the most demanding holes are the par fours and in the second half the par threes require greater precision, particularly the 15th and the 17th holes, both on the edge of a cliff.

Amazing views at Buenavista Golf in Tenerife. (Photo: Turismo de Tenerife)

Large central lake in front of the Club House between the 9th and 18th holes and a waterfall are water obstacles that lend a fresh feel to this unusual course in North Tenerife. An enjoyable 18 holes and a Club House boasting superb panoramic views of the entire course.

Golf Los Palos

Centro de Golf Los Palos is a nine hole, par 27 golf course and a luxuriant, colourful garden. Virtually on one level and featuring refreshing water obstacles of lakes and streams, it's perfect for beginners or for improving your short game. Designed by Integral Golf Design, José María Olazábal's company, it boasts a lovely terrace overlooking the entire golf course.

Golf Costa Adeje

Golf Costa Adeje is surprising because it is superbly adapted to its surroundings. Pepe Gancedo designed an unusual layout respecting the old farm terraces that slope down to the sea framed by the original dry stone walls. With really beautiful views of the ocean, the island of La Gomera and the rugged Adeje mountains, this unique golf course features 27 holes on wide greens and obstacles such as gorges and lakes.

Golf del Sur

Golf del Sur opened in 1987 with a professional golf tournament, the first of a history of sporting events. Pepe Gancedo designed the layout which was later modified by Manuel Pinero. Pinero enhanced all the natural protected areas that surround the 27 holes, between the ravine, highlighting the beautiful indigenous flowers; cacti, palm trees and other large colourful plants. Its wide paths are flanked by an impressive ravine of coloured rocks where spectacular indigenous cacti grow with views of Mount Teide.

Golf Las Américas

The beautiful clubhouse of Golf Las Americas with the mountains in the back. (Photo: Turismo de Tenerife)

In the centre of Playa de Las Américas, one of the most famous holiday resorts in the south of the island, Golf Las Américas stands out for its fantastic location in a natural amphitheatre facing the sea with superb ocean views of the island of La Gomera. The designer, John Jacobs, gave priority to the obstacles on this 18 hole, par 72 course, which covers a total of 6,039 metres. The club house is an architectural gem with comfortable balconies offering excellent views of the golf course.

Real Club de Golf de Tenerife

Founded in 1932, this is the second oldest golf club in Spain and still preserves a typically British air of distinction. Situated at 600m above sea level it boasts 18 holes in undulating fairways that ascend with a spectacular view of Teide. The dry stream beds play a part in several holes. The 4th hole is one of the most difficult because you have to be on the green at the second stroke, as there are out of bounds to the left and drops to the right. Impressive old trees make it very pleasant and give some shade in parts of the round.

Tecina Golf

In La Gomera, just a 40 minute ferry ride from Tenerife, Donald Steel designed a striking 18-hole golf course perched on a cliff and overlooking the sea and Teide boasting impressive views. The native vegetation in the upper areas becomes more and more exuberant as the course slopes down to the sea until it reaches a beauty spot full of tropical and fruit trees.

Where to stay when playing golf in Tenerife?

The effort to maintain Tenerife as a top golf destination has been rewarded, as the island has one of the most modern 4-star and 5-star hotel infrastructures in Europe. In addition to this, many of these hotels are closely related to some of the golf courses on the island; The ideal scenario for any golfer. 

Tenerife Golf includes 20 associated hotels that offer high-quality accommodation with all the golf-related services that any golfer may need. As a golfer you can reserve the golf packages directly with the hotels, which will also arrange green fee bookings at preferred rates, plus any other specific activity they may want to reserve. If you want to remain completely flexible, you can of course also book your tee time in Tenerife through Leading Courses.

Golf hotels in Tenerife

What else to do in Tenerife?

Teide National Park

A visit to Teide National Park means epic views guaranteed. (Photo: Turismo de Tenerife)

This is, without doubt, the icon of Tenerife. Teide National Park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007 under the Natural Asset category. It also boasts a European Diploma awarded by the European Council, and it is part of the Natura 2000 Network Sites. The Park is well deserving of such acknowledgements. Firstly, it boasts the broadest sample of supra-Mediterranean vegetation on Earth. Secondly, it covers one of the world's most stunning volcanic landscapes – and certainly the most outstanding in the Canary Islands.Teide National Park lies right in the middle of the Island, at an altitude of 2,000 m (6,500 ft) above sea level, topped by Spain's highest peak at 3,718 m (12,198 ft). These record-breaking figures add to the fact that it is the most visited national park in Europe, welcoming some three million visitors a year. 

Historic Quarters - La Laguna

The most important streets in the centre of La Laguna are pedestrianised. This allows you to roam them at leisure without worrying about the traffic. You will be glad of it when you realise the time it takes to explore it all. The city has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999 and is considered a “unique example of an unwalled colonial city”. The original 15th century layout remains almost intact, just as it was depicted by Master Leonardo Torriani in his map of La Laguna. The city was also used as a template for the colonial cities founded in America, such as Old Havana, Lima and Cartagena, which is why their houses and streets looks so similar.The city centre is very well-preserved, dotted with lovely buildings on all of its streets. It's a good idea to book one of the guided tours that will take you around the most emblematic buildings. You can also arrange your own tour and take it at your leisure.

Whale and Dolphin Watching

The south-west coast of Tenerife is the perfect place for whale and dolphin watching. (Photo: Turismo de Tenerife)

The warmth of the sun, the sea breeze and the sway of the waves make you feel totally relaxed. Suddenly, the boat stops, everybody pulls out their cameras and peers over the side of the boat with anticipation. You follow suit and soon realise that there are small distant specks breaching the surface, which take the shape of imposing sea creatures as they draw closer. The whales and dolphins swim freely and peacefully in the water with no specific direction, allowing you to share with them an unrivalled sensation: feeling free in the ocean. 

Gastronomy and Wines

Feast on the wholesome traditional dishes that follow our grandmothers' recipes and sample the most cutting-edge recipes by chefs who take the best of our childhood flavours and give them a creative twist. Typical dishes seasoned with elegance tickle even the most demanding tastebuds and leave them eager for more. Allow yourself to be conquered by Tenerife's rich culinary heritage, married with the area's exceptional wines. Don't resist temptation any longer. Take a seat and allow our recipes to fill you with wonder.

You can also leave your fuss and fanciness at the door. You are entering an establishment adorned with folding wooden chairs and paper tablecloths. The cutlery is piled up in a basket for you to help yourself to and dish out to your table companions. Ok, so it's just an old refurbished country barn turned into a dining hall, but against all odds, they serve the tastiest home-made food and wine you have ever feasted on!

For more information about Tenerife please visit www.webtenerife.co.uk

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