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Top 10 golf courses in New Zealand

Looking for some inspiration to play golf in New Zealand? This is Leading Courses’ top 10 golf courses in New Zealand. These golf courses have been played and reviewed by Leading Courses users. Based on their reviews these are rated as the best golf courses in New Zealand. If New Zealand has less than 10 golf courses, we display the actual number of golf courses in New Zealand.

Golf in New Zealand

With its dramatic scenery, long stretches of coast and soaring mountains, New Zealand is a natural playground. Golf courses such as Cape Kidnappers and Kauri Cliffs have been designed to make the most of the natural terrain. New Zealand has numerous golf courses, all well-maintained. If you visit New Zealand and love to golf, then you should definitely visit some of the great courses of New Zealand! And, experience the exquisite food and wine, adventure activities, quiet nature and seamless hospitality.
Photo: © Jorge Royan
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